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Presentation Descriptions

Below is a description of our current programs. If your group or organization has a topic in mind that is not described below, we are more than happy to create a customize presentation for your group. To request a presentation, please complete the form below. 

Using an interactive polling system, this program engages first-year students in discussion about their perceptions of acceptable behaviors related alcohol and other drug use. Participants will be provided with information that allows them to make empowered decisions and campus resources should they need support.

There's a lot to learn about how alcohol effects us. Alcohol 101 discusses the basics of alcohol use and teaches participants how they can reduce the risks associated with alcohol use.

Trends in alcohol use may impact the way we think about drinking. In this program we will discuss how the media and social influence plays a role in alcohol use.

Advances in drug discovery and development help us all live longer and healthier lives., but any medication can also cause harm, and the misuse of prescription drugs has become a serious public health epidemic. The mission of Generation Rx is to educate audiences about the potential dangers of misusing prescription medications.

Athletes who choose to drink don’t necessarily experience more legal or behavioral consequences than other students who drink, but athletes are often more visible, and their problems often lead to highly publicized consequences. This program looks at the effect that alcohol can have on an athletes’ performance and health.

This presentation will discuss how Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is measured and the symptoms associated with different levels of BAC. Learn more about tolerance and how standard serving sizes allow you to better control your BAC and stay at a low-risk level of consumption.

Do you know how many calories are in some common drinks? This program will inform your group about the ways that alcohol can impact your health including, nutrition, sleep, and physical health.

Quiz your group with this popular game! We’ll ask you questions about BAC, health effects, policies and laws, and risk reduction techniques. Great for use in classroom presentations!

Why do some people get intoxicated after one drink while others can drink two or three before feeling any effects? Let’s talk about what factors can impact someone’s level of intoxication

During this presentation we will discuss individual and group morals, values, policies in regards to alcohol and other drugs. This presentation also gives insight on potential risks and tips on how to safely navigate potential encounters with alcohol and other drugs.  

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Presentations typically last for 1 hour and require A/V access. 

To book a presentation, please be sure to fill out the entire form and submit! The Center for Alcohol and Other Drugs Resources and Education will be in contact with you to confirm presentation details. 


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