Partners in Prevention

Partners in Prevention

Faculty and Staff

As a faculty or staff member, you play a pivotal role in prevention and education efforts.  You have on-going interactions and relationships with students.  You are our greatest ally in a true institutional response.

  • Detect and address or refer students who may exhibit behavioral changes or early warning signs of alcohol or drug problems.
  • Provide an alcohol and other drugs prevention education presentation through the Don’t Cancel Your Class program.
  • Reinforce healthy behaviors within the community.


What is the most effective deterrent to the abuse of drugs or alcohol in college?  Your talks with your student have the greatest impact on their behavior at school – and we are here to help.

  • The more you talk to your child about drinking and drug use, the more likely they are to make safer and healthier decisions.
  • Tell your students that alcohol can be fatal when used in excess – drinking games, taking shots, and alcoholic energy drinks all increase this deadly possibility.
  • Discuss the reasons why he or she may choose to drink or experiment with drugs – understanding can lead to answers.
  • The first six weeks of college are critical to success.  Ask about his or her academic experience, professors and classes.  Remind your child that education is the purpose of college and in order to succeed, they must attend class.
  • Make sure your son or daughter knows the penalties for violating laws like underage drinking, public drunkenness, using a fake ID, driving under the influence, assault and other alcohol related offenses.
  • As your student fills his or her social calendar, talk about the importance of activities that support their life and career goals.
  • With dozens of intramural and club sports, immersion trips, service opportunities and more than 200 clubs on campus, there are activities for every interest.

You're Concerned? 

  • Do not ignore it.
  • Express your concerns.  Let them know exactly what worries you and why.
  • Call us.  While we must protect each student’s confidentiality, we can set up free consultations by phone or in person.

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