University Policies

The Office of Community Standards and Civility helps coordinate the policies of the University of Dayton that apply to students. Their primary focus is on helping students learn from the consequences of their actions and become a positive influence within the University of Dayton community and beyond. Please refer to the Standards of Behavior for more details.

Alcohol Policy

The following behaviors are not permitted with regard to alcohol (liquid or powdered):

  1. Use and/or possession of alcohol under the legal drinking age.
  2. Distribution of alcohol.
  3. Drinking in public, public intoxication and/or open container.
  4. Manufacturing alcohol.
  5. Driving under the influence of alcohol.
  6. Possessing consumption devices (funnels, etc.) and mass containers (kegs/mixed alcohol from a common source outside of its original packaging).
  7. Abuse incorporates requiring medical attention, passing out, vomiting, loss of memory or hospitalization. High-risk drinking activities also constitute the abuse of alcohol. Such activities, including but not limited to, drinking large quantities of alcohol, consuming alcohol at an accelerated pace (chugging), use of alcohol with medication or other controlled substances, participation in drinking games, use of beer bongs, etc. Any item that is used to rapidly consume alcohol or used to facilitate high-risk drinking may be confiscated and may not be returned. It should be noted that being present at a drinking game or game traditionally played to accelerate the effects of alcohol where alcohol is present falls under Alcohol Code (i) unless there is evidence (no matter how slight) of alcohol use or possession, in which case the activity will be considered abuse.
  8. Using alcohol containers/packaging for decoration and/or signage and/ or any behavior that promotes underage or irresponsible drinking is not permitted in residential areas where alcohol is prohibited. i. Presence in a space where there is evidence of alcohol coupled with the playing of and/or simulation of a drinking game is not permitted. Students in such a situation where there is any evidence (not matter how slight) of personal consumption or possession will be held under the Alcohol Abuse Code (g) and those who reside in the location will also be in violation of Possession Code (a) if underage.

See Student Standards of Behavior and Code of Conduct. 

Drug Policy

The following behaviors are not permitted with regards to drugs:

  1. Illegal use and/or possession of marijuana.
  2. Prescription use and/or possession of marijuana on campus property.
  3. Use and/or possession of heroin, cocaine, acid, narcotics and/or other controlled substance other than marijuana.
  4. Use and/or possession of any general product used as an intoxicant and/ or means to get high.
  5. Manufacturing, growing and/or distribution/sale or transfer.
  6. Driving under the influence or impaired.
  7. Improper use, possession or distribution of prescription drugs.
  8. Possession of paraphernalia commonly used to consume drugs (includes but is not limited to pipes, bongs, hookahs, homemade smoking devices, vape materials with suspected illegal substance and/or items that have markings of use for drug-related behavior such as burnt spoons, etc.).

See Student Standards of Behavior and Code of Conduct. 

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