Tobacco Cessation

Cessation of tobacco use can significantly reduce the risk of suffering from smoking-related diseases and cancers of the mouth.  It also protects other individuals from the harms of secondhand smoke. 

Although tobacco dependence is a chronic condition often requiring repeated interventions, effective treatments and resources do exist. Let us help you with a personalized Tobacco Cessation Program.

Let's Create a Plan Together

Community Wellness Services will be offering tobacco cessation counseling services to full time undergraduate and graduate students at the University. The plan is to eventually begin a tobacco-free campus effort.

Location:  Smoking cessation counseling services will be offered at the McGinnis Center with Vernique J. Coleman-Stokes, Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist, dually Independently Licensed Chemical Dependency and Mental Health Counselor, and Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist I.

Sessions:  Smoking cessation counseling sessions will last anywhere from 4 sessions. Additional sessions will be granted for ongoing support as needed.

Materials:  Students participating in smoking cessation counseling services will be asked to purchase the Quit for Good Manual for $2.00.

Associated Fees:  There will not be fees associated with smoking cessation counseling sessions with Community Wellness, unless a student misses two appointments.  Two missed appointments will result in the student’s account being charged a $25.00 fee. 

The Health Center does not charge visit fees for undergraduate and law students; graduate students normally pay a per-visit fee.  Recommended laboratory tests and medications are charged to the student's Bursar account.  Students should bring a copy of their health insurance card to their Health Center visit.

Collaborations:  The combination of medication and counseling is more effective for smoking cessation than either medication or counseling alone.  Community Wellness Services will partner with the Health Center to provide both services to students.  The Health Center will provide Nicotine Replacement Therapy or prescription Non-Nicotine medication to help students deal with withdrawal symptoms.  Community Wellness Services will provide the counseling services to help students cope with cravings, stress, negative mood states, strong or prolonged withdrawal symptoms, smoking lapses, and build positive coping skills.

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