Substance-Free Option

Club 6

Club 6 Student Organization offers substance-free parties and activities in the student neighborhood.  These events are open to all UD students and guests.  The club is not anti-alcohol, but rather it promotes responsible alcohol use, as members younger than 21 do not use it, and those 21 or over drink responsibly.  Center for Alcohol and Other Drugs Resources and Education has supported and now advises the student organization, Club 6 for several years. 

Substance Free Housing 

The Substance-Free Designed Learning Experience is available for sophomores.  Substance-free is a community that will provide a safe, social environment to the campus community. The members of the floor/housing option have volunteered to live as a community, keeping each other accountable in living a substance-free lifestyle and supporting one another in their daily lives (emotionally, spiritually, and academically). The Substance-Free Designed Learning Experience is not a Recovery Community or Program.  It is simply a housing option available for those who wish to live with others choosing to live substance-free.  For more information about substance-free housing options, please click here

Late Night Programming

"There's nothing else to do..."  Thankfully that excuse to drink no longer is true. Please attend our fun events.

Campus Activities Board

Campus Activities Board (CAB) is a student run programming board that works with the Office of Student Life and Kennedy Union to provide events for students on UD's campus. We plan events EVERY WEEKEND for the entire UD community. Most events are FREE! 

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