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Whether you're experiencing personal concerns or are looking for insight into matters that you would like to improve, we encourage you to visit the Counseling Center for therapy.

A trained professional will help you define goals, make decisions and solve problems related to personal, social, career and educational concerns.

Transitioning to College

Starting college has its own set of rewards and challenges. is designed to be a helpful resource for both students and their parents.

For many first-year students, friendship-building skills can be rusty. This site has good suggestions on how to make friends at school:

Suggested Apps

Counseling Center therapists have reviewed the following apps and think they might be helpful for students. 

Disclaimer: These apps are meant to be helpful tools, rather than serve as a replacement for treatment. Using these apps does not consititute a treatment relationship or promise of efficacy. Please schedule an appointment with us (937-229-3141) if you feel you need to speak to a therapist about your concerns. 

Attention and Concentration Apps

30 30 app

Review: This app is like a to-do list that actually keeps you productive and incorporates time for breaks.

Get it for iPhone/iPad:

Stay on Task App
Stay On Task

Review: Procrastinate much? This app is for you. It has a random timer and will check to see if you're focused or fooling around.

Get it for Android:

Anxiety and Stress Management Apps

 Cover art     
Stop Panic and Anxiety Self-Help 

Review: This app is pretty extensive. It has several self-guided meditations and audio exercises, as well as a journals, articles, and step-by-step instructions to help you monitor and change unhelpful thoughts. A user noted that this shouldn't be used in the moment for panic attacks, but rather when you're trying to deal with anxiety better the next time.

Get it for Andriod:

Relax Melodies App

Relax Melodies

App Review: This app has a decent variety of soothing music that you can use for relaxation, yoga or sleeping.

Get it here:

More Apps

Didn't find what you are looking for? No worries. Here is a site with a variety of apps for your emotional wellness needs:

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