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Group Information

The UD Counseling Center offers a variety of groups to address the diverse concerns of students. Research shows that group counseling is an effective mode of treatment for a variety of concerns, and offers unique therapeutic benefits compared to individual counseling.

If you are interested, ask your therapist about groups, or call 937-229-3141 for more information.

Anxiety Toolbox Seminar

This seminar will be the “first step” after intake (see referral criteria). This fast-paced, 3-session seminar is intended to help increase student’s understanding and knowledge about anxiety.  The goal is to provide them with some skills to recognize and manage symptoms they may be experiencing.

Adjustment to College

Is college more difficult than you thought it would be?  Are you feeling anxious or struggling to find friends? You are not alone, adjustment to college is difficult for many first year students (especially if it seems like everyone else is doing great!).  This group will focus on providing support as well as strategies to ease the transition to college life.  

Eating Disorders / Issues Support Group

This group is designed for students whose eating patterns and body image issues are sources of concern and/or who have had prior treatment for an eating disorder.  The group is designed to be an addition to individual therapy. 

Survivors of Sexual Assault Support Group

This group will focus on support and learning effective coping skills to help recover from the trauma of sexual violence.  The group is open to any woman who has experienced sexual assault regardless of where or when the trauma occurred.

LGBTQ Support Group

This group is a safe, supportive place for students to discuss issues related to being LGBTQ+ at UD, including coming out, identity, finding support, and coping. 

Women and Relationships Group

This group is for women who would like to improve their relationships with themselves and others.  The group will focus on self-awareness, the impact of past interpersonal relationships, self-compassion and forgiveness, building more satisfying relationships, and more. 

Men's Group

This group focuses on the experiences and challenges of being a man, and will help men improve their relationships, become more vulnerable, and encourage open and honest dialogue. 

Living with loss

This a group for those who have lost a loved one by death.  Please contact Kathleen Rossman (, 937-229-4587) if interested in attending.


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