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Groups at the Counseling Center can be formed around a variety of topics and concerns, based on need and request.  Generally, the following groups are available at the Counseling Center each semester. You can also suggest a group topic you would like the Counseling Center to offer. Please call us at 937-229-3141.

Anxiety and Stress Reduction Workshop

This group is focused on reducing the problematic experiences and consequences of anxiety and stress. Each week, members will participate in a relaxation exercise, and will learn and practice a new skill or strategy for handling their individual concerns.

Wise Minds

This is a 4-week series, based in mindfulness, for students who find that they tend to have intense emotional reactions and/or those who turn to unhealthy behaviors to cope. Each week group members will learn and practice skills focused on recognizing and understanding their emotions and developing healthy coping strategies.

Wise Minds is a group for people who...

  • Experience strong feelings that seem to happen for no reason.
  • Have trouble coping with their feelings.
  • Want to learn how to better understand their feelings and deal with difficult situations effectively

Eating Concerns/Body Image Discussion Group

This group is designed for students whose eating patterns and body image issues are sources of concern and/or who have had prior treatment for an eating disorder.  The group is designed to be an addition to individual therapy.  The supportive atmosphere gives group members a chance to work on the issues that exacerbate eating and body image problems.

Survivors of Sexual Assault Group

The group will focus on support and learning effective coping skills to help recover from the trauma of sexual violence.  The group will be open to anyone who has experienced sexual assault regardless of where or when the trauma occurred.

LGBTQ Support Group

This group can be a safe, supportive place for LGBTQ students to discuss issues related to being LGBTQ at UD including coming out, identity, finding support, and coping.

Men's Process Group

This group focuses on the experiences and challenges of being a man, and will help men improve their relationships, become more vulnerable, and encourage open and honest dialogue.

Women and Relationships Group

This group is for women who would like to improve their relationships with themselves and others.  The group will focus on what it means to be a woman in 2017 at UD, self-compassion and forgiveness, the impact of past relationships, building more satisfying relationships, and much more.

Mindfulness Group

Mindfulness is a state of awareness, from moment to moment, of one's experience while practicing a non-judgmental attitude.  This group will focus on mindfulness skills and activities to help members experience calmness, concentration, and clarity in their thought processes.

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