Riley Award

February 2014

Dear UD Community Member,

It is with great pleasure that Student Development announces the seeking of nominations for the 29th annual John E. Riley Award, presented by the Division of Student Development.  This award is named in honor of Jack's commitment to Student Development and to the University during his thirty plus years at UD. During his tenure, Jack was Director at the Counseling Center, acting Vice President of Student Development, and later an Associate Dean of Students in Student Development. The award provides recognition to a junior student who has  exercised sustained leadership through involvement with student initiatives, exemplifying the educational and service values of the University. The recipient of the Riley Award will also receive a financial award in the amount of one thousand three hundred dollars ($1300) ($650 per term for their senior year).

The John E. Riley Award is important in the recognition of student leadership, scholarship and service.  Your participation in nominating students for this award is vital.  Please take a few minutes to nominate that student or students who capture the essence of this award.

In order to nominate a student, please review the Guidelines and complete the Nominations portion of the form.   Once you have completed the Nominations portion, forward the entire email to the student, and "cc:" Caryle Mattie as well.  To complete the nomination process, the student should then complete the Student Information Section and forward the entire email to by Monday, February 24th, 2014.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The John E. Riley Award Selection Committee

Joi Garrett-Scales

Daria Graham

Jimmy McLeod

Steve Mueller, Chair

Mary Niebler


The guidelines to be used when making nominations are as follows:
  1. Students may be nominated by UD faculty, staff, or students.
  2. The nominee must be in the junior year and available for an on-campus interview this term.
  3. A minimum accumulative grade point average of 2.5 and being in good non-academic status with the University are necessary.
  4. The nominee must have a record of leadership/service in student/campus organizations or programs and this leadership/service should be be demonstrated on some sustained level.
  5. The nature of the nominee's accomplishments must reflect the Marianist ideals of promotion of community, and have contributed to the elevation of the quality of student life at UD.

To nominators:

Click here to download a printable application

TO  NOMINATORS:    To complete this portion of the form, click on forward (not reply) and type the student nominee's email address in the To: box.  In the  "cc:" box, type

cmattie1@  You will be able to type  your  information  within  this section by using the forward command. After  completing  this  portion  of  your  nomination,  click  on  send or send/file.  This is necessary for a complete application.  Remember to keep

a copy of your email.


Campus/Local Address:


Nominee's phone number:

Nominee's email address:


Department or Campus Address:


Campus Phone:

Nominator's Email Address:

Please  discuss  how  this student has exemplified sustained leadership and service within the UD community.

*REMEMBER:   After  you  have  completed  this  portion of the form, please forward  the  entire  email  to  the  student being nominated in order that he/she may complete the Student Information Section below.





Please complete this section of the form/email and forward it to cmattie1@ by Monday, February 24th, 2014.  To complete this portion of the form, click on forward (not reply) and type in the "To:" box. You will be able to type your  information  within  the  Student  Information  Section  by using the forward  command.    After  completing  this  portion,  click  on  send or send/file.  Remember to keep a copy of the email.

Student Name:

Campus/Local Telephone Number:


Campus/Local Zip:


Student ID number:

Nominated by:

By  completing  this  form  and  returning  it  to  the  Office  of Student Development,   I   accept   responsibility  for  the  truthfulness  of  the information  provided.  I understand that I must be a junior student at the University  of  Dayton,  have a minimum accumulative grade point average of 2.5, and be in good non-academic standing with the University. By returning this form, I authorize the release of this information to the committee.

1.    List  any organization, program, or activity with which you have been associated while at UD. (Provide  the  organization/program/activity  name,  dates of involvement, offices held if any, and the name of the advisor).

2.    Describe  in  more  detail your leadership involvement with the above listed  information including details of any significant contributions made each year.

3.    Write  at  least  one  paragraph  explaining  how your leadership and service  has enriched the University community, how it has contributed to the quality of student life and how it has affected your learning.

Remember:  As you submit your application, you may wish to include your co-curricular transcript which can be obtained through Student Life and Kennedy Union.   After  completing  this  form,  email  the  entire  message  to cmattie1@   All  applications  must  be received by Caryle in Student Development by Monday, February 24th, 2014.