Community Wellness Services

Building a Culture of Well-being

Developing the whole person is basic to a Catholic, Marianist education. And the Office of Community Wellness Services is here to support and encourage you to lead a positive, wellness-focused lifestyle. We are committed to developing a campus and community approach to the prevention of high-risk behaviors that could interfere with your quest for a well-balanced lifestyle.


Community Wellness Services supports and enhances the mission of the University of Dayton by promoting learning and personal development in the seven dimensions of wellness.

Through prevention and intervention, the student is guided to create a balanced lifestyle to contribute to their optimal personal development. Community Wellness Services utilizes science-based wellness promotion strategies to support the Marianist principles of community living and contribute to the educational mission of the University.

Seven Dimensions of Wellness

We attend to your social, spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual, occupational and environmental dimensions of wellness.

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Sarah DeWitt

Coordinator of Health Education and Wellness Promotion


Kaley Meyer

Graduate Assistant of Health Education and Wellness Promotion


Community Wellness Services