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    Guiding Principles/Philosophy:

    As individuals who care about the wellbeing of others and the community, we strive to educate using these guiding principles:

    • We recognize the diversity of students’ lived experiences and hope to validate learning experiences by making education relevant to our audience.

    • We will provide concise  and relevant  information to educate others with the intent to encourage healthy attitudes and lifestyles.

    • We hope to encourage learning around impactful issues through real life and creative peer to peer encounters

    • We strive to understanding of others’ views in order to relate to others, and maintain a safe and confidential environment.

    • We intend to equip students with the knowledge to live at their own personal excellence.

    • We respect  that each person has inherent FREEDOM to choose and make decisions for themselves.We encourage others to REFLECT on their values, on what actions will protect what they value, and to choose what behaviors are an accurate reflection of their beliefs.


    Peer educators advance their knowledge on wellness topics, as well as their leadership and facilitation skills. They learn practical ways to positively change their own behavior as a result of participating, and gain essential skills like effective communication with others.

    In one study of 65 peer educators by Sawyer and colleagues, nearly half (48%) of peer educators reported increased self-esteem, and over 20% reported being more open to students’ behaviors and opinions. Additionally,, 20% had changed their career direction, and most found it an extremely valuable activity.


    How much is the time commitment?

    Flyer2Flyer members have required meetings once-per-week, for an hour. However, there are outside projects and program content development that members must assist in which could take up to an additional 1-7 hours a week (depending on how you work). Peer educators who attend 75% of meetings in a given semester are eligible for a $10 per presentation stipend to be paid after the final meeting of each term.


    How to get Involved/Application Process:

    Complete and submit this application to or turn in a paper copy to McGinnis Center 112.

    Is Flyer2Flyer for you?

    Flyer2Flyer is looking to recruit enthusiastic, innovative students who are willing to put in hard work and diligence with the intent of strengthening our community. Since Flyer2Flyer is an upcoming organization, we need individuals that are willing to assist in creating and implementing programs, laying the groundwork  for our organization, and individuals that are not afraid to network.


    Peer Education Programs/Topic Areas:

    • Alcohol and Drugs

    • Mental Health

    • Stress and time management

    • Physical Activity

    • Nutrition


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    Please contact if you have questions or would like more information. 

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