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Below are a list of presentations offered by the Coordinator of Health Education and Wellness Promotion and Community Wellness Services Graduate Assistant relating to the seven dimension of wellness.

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Program Titles + Descriptions

Understanding the 7 Dimensions of Wellness

This presentation introduces the seven dimensions of wellness model, defines each dimension and provides resources to students on where to get more information about each dimension.

Understanding Communication Styles

The purpose of this presentation is to gain an understanding of the basic communication styles and how they impact others.  Furthermore participants will practice recognizing and crafting messages in different styles in order to increase their ability to communicate and work with others.

Digital Citizenship

Practicing good citizenship and interpersonal skills happens in our daily lives. The purpose of this presentation is to challenge students to think about citizenship in a digital community. As a result of this presentation participants will understand the digital footprint they are creating in a digital world.

Eat Well, Be Well

Participants will be aware of their dietary intake as it relates to the various food groups and understand the MyPlate recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, participants will be able to identify proper portion sizes and heart-healthy foods.

Surviving Stress, Striving for Balance

Through this presentation students will be able to define and identify sources and types of stress. In addition, students will learn about the long-term health risks associated with excessive stress and presenters will be offered a variety of ways to cope with the stress students experience. Students will collectively brainstorm ways to manage their stress and strive for balance in their lives.

Sleep- ZZZzzz's Gotta Catch Em All

As a result of this presentation, participants will be able to identify why sleep is important and list barriers that prevent them from quality sleep as college students. Participants will be able to list the health risks associated with sleep deprivation and brainstorm methods to increase quality sleep in their lives.

Fare Thee Well: How to prepare to practice wellness abroad!

Participants will learn about how to prepare to practice and maintain their wellness while studying abroad.

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