Ethics in Action Learning Living Community

What do colleges, a monastery and an army barracks have in common? Living with other people can offer some serious challenges - and all of these places can highlight those challenges! College life faces us with situations that challenge how we see the world and what we value, offering a perfect change to think about ethics!

In this Ethics in Action LLC, we use your life in Gardens Apartments and your experiences of UD and the broader Dayton community to explore various aspects of ethics. Each person in the LLC takes an ethics course in the fall (Dr. Bennett's REL 360) and then creates a self-directed project course for the spring semester based on individual interests in ethical questions. Service projects, retreat trips and immersion experiences complement your classroom and living experiences. (Note: The courses associated with this LLC typically fulfill two of your CAP requirements.)

Please consider applying for a sophomore, course-based Learning-Living Community: Ethics in Action. The goal of the Ethics in Action LLC is to encourage students to re-imagine and practice ethical community living.

Ethics in Action Overview

An integrated classroom and residential learning experience that seeks to help you answer the question of how does one live ethically in community? Students will live together in a group of apartments in Gardens on E. Stewart Street and take two classes together over the course of the academic year. Service projects, retreats and programming opportunities will be offered to complement the experience. There are four 4-person apartments available for this community.

All members of the Ethics in Action LLC are expected to:

  • Participate for two semesters in a Learning Living Community based in Garden Apartments on E. Stewart Street
  • Register for Dr. Bennett's REL 360: Christian Ethics course in the fall and a project-based ASI course in the Spring
  • Engage in 100 hours of community-based education and/or service learning, ie. Retreats, field trips, and community projects.
  • Discuss their participation in this LLC with their advisors.


  • An integrated classroom and residential learning experience
  • Fulfillment of at least one general education requirement
  • $1500 Scholarship, disbursed as two $750 stipends at the beginning of each semester, non-renewable for the next academic year
  • Guaranteed space in Garden Apartments on E. Stewart Street for your living group before the general Sophomore lottery


If you have questions, please contact:

  • Lindsay Maxam – Community Coordinator, North Student Neighborhood,