Waitlist Overview

The housing waitlist for upper-division students will serve as an extension of the ‘general assignment€™ process. The process will utilize both the previously supplied block preferences and the roommate group, in support of both the integrity of the housing process and student feedback. As spaces become available, offers will be made to appropriate groups from the waitlist based upon PATH credit.

Students that did not receive an assignment that was included on their list of block preferences were automatically added to the waitlist.

Waitlist Eligibility

  • Students that did not receive an assignment from their list of block preferences are automatically included on waitlist.
  • Students (Group Leaders) that received an assignment from their block preferences can opt-in to the waitlist by visiting the MyHousing portal (groups with an assignment from their preference list will only be notified about a property if something higher on their preference list is available).
  • If a member of a group cancels their application, this will not invalidate the entire group. Â Any future offers would be based on the new group size.

Waitlist Process

The waitlist order is determined by average PATH Credits for the group. Groups can join (or leave) the waitlist at any time. When a property is available, Housing and Residence Life will look to the waitlist to find the next eligible group to fill that vacancy. Any property that that group may vacate will then be offered to the next eligible group.