Housing and Residence Life has A Vision for Integrated, Applied, and Transformative Education (AVIATE) that will help guide your journey in residence at the University of Dayton. With the constant support of your community, you will discover the experience, skills and understanding you will need to succeed in your education and graduate — so you can embark on your next great journey.

AVIATE provides you with a series of learning goals that promote your growth throughout your time at the University of Dayton. This educational priority and the associated goals can be found in our Vision for Residential Learning. (https://www.udayton.edu/studev/_resources/files/housing/ResidentialHandout_FINAL_nocrops.pdf)

As a part of this program, students will attend events and get PATH Credits (Points Accumulated Toward Housing) that determine a group’s priority in the Housing Assignment process for the following academic year. Students are encouraged to earn as many points as they are able in order to have a better chance of receiving the property that they are interested in. A group’s priority is determined by the sum of the group members’ points, and they are only competing against other groups with the same number of members. Students who participate in Special Interest Housing have an opportunity to earn three additional PATH Credits that are not available to other students.

Students wishing to obtain a Special Interest House must participate in AVIATE, and earn PATH Credits, in order to be considered for eligibility to obtain a house. Applications will initially be reviewed for congruence with the mission and vision of Special Interest Housing. After an application, or group, is deemed eligible for Special Interest Housing, they are then placed in the pool to receive a house. Houses will only be awarded to a limited number of groups, starting with those groups who have the highest priority based on the number of PATH credits earned. As there is a cap of approximately 700 beds for Special Interest Housing, only the top point earners will receive a house. It is imperative that groups who want a house earn points to have a strong chance.

In order to be eligible for a Special Interest House, each student applying for the house must earn a minimum of 8 PATH credits. In addition, if the house is a Legacy Special Interest house, not only must each applicant earn 8 PATH credits, but each person currently living in the Legacy house must also earn 8 PATH credits in order to maintain good standing for the Legacy House. These PATH credits must be earned by the end of the SIH Application period on January 25, 2019.

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