FAQ About Roommate Selections

Does the University allow mutual roommate requests?

At this time, the University encourages first year students to live in learning communities that foster opportunities to meet new people with shared academic interests.  The University also views the first year as an opportunity for incoming students to enter into a roommate experience with someone from another state or even another country.  Learning to live with someone new is an important skill and one of the hallmarks of a Marianist education.  If students wish to select a mutual roommate during the housing application process, this may impact the community that the student is assigned.  For this reason, we discourage mutual roommate selections, but students are permitted to designate a roommate during the application process.

Will my son/daughter’s academic experience suffer if he/she is not allowed to live with a desired roommate?

There is little evidence to support that students who choose their own roommates have a better or more productive academic experience than those who are assigned a roommate

Does the University support any of the roommate matching services or facebook groups that have been available to incoming students?

The university is not affiliated with any roommate matching service, facebook group, or individuals that offer roommate matching services.   Nor will the university honor any matches provided through such arrangements.

What assistance does housing and residence life provide for roommates?

Each floor is staffed with a resident assistant, who is an undergraduate staff member responsible for assisting students in their acclimation to the University.  In early September, the resident assistants will meet with each of his/her roommate pairs to facilitate a roommate agreement.  The roommate agreement provides students the opportunity to share their expectations for living together.  The resident assistant will use the roommate agreement to mediate any conflict that arises between roommates.  We encourage incoming students to start thinking about their expectations regarding guests, use of personal property, study hours, etc. so that those discussions with roommates can be positive and productive.

When will first year students be notified of their assignment?  

In July, first-year students will be notified of their assignment and roommate’s name and contact information through porches.  

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