Caldwell Apartments

Built in 2012, Caldwell Apartments is university's newest residential apartment complex with a community of 400 students accommodating Sophomores and Upperclass students. Caldwell Apartments is co-ed by apartment. All apartments are four-person suite style with several handicapped accessible units in each building. Caldwell Apartments are wrap around a beautifully manicured quad, which is frequently used by students during warm weather. 

Unique to the Caldwell Apartments is the Global Learning Living Community (GLLC), which intentionally brings together U.S. and international students to live and learn from one another’s unique perspectives. Members of the GLLC are student leaders on campus for global education. Students live together at one of the Caldwell Apartments in an environment which supports and nurtures students’ international and intercultural interests.


Hall Staff

Building Amenities

Lounge areas on the second and third floors of Buildings 225, 1618, 1638, and 218
•Elevator and secure mail boxes per building
Exterior bike racks

Floor Plans

Apartment Amenities

2 bedrooms (2 people per room)

    Bedroom Furniture
  • •Desk and Desk chair
  • •Closet with Standard Rod, Shelf, and a High Storage Nook  
  • •3 Drawer Dresser
  • •Extra-long twin bed (80”) – lofting and adjustable – can be lowered or raised to student’s preference     
  • (up to about 5” high) [students can request a side (rollout rail) if desired]
    Bathroom (2 per apartment)
  • •Sink
  • •Shower Stall
  • •Toilet Stall
  • •Stove
  • •Refrigerator
  • •Microwave
  • •Dishwasher
  • •Dining Room Table with 4 Chairs
    Common Area Furniture
  • •Couch
  • •2 Living Room Chairs 
  • •Coffee Table per Room
    Additional Appliances
  • •Washer
  • •Dryer
  • •Vacuum Cleaner

Apartment Dimensions

(Dimensions provided represent a typical apartment configuration. Some variance will be found depending upon specific location.)

•The living room is 12ft 4in. by 11ft 8in.
The Kitchen is 8ft 9in. by 9ft 11in.
The Hallway is 3ft 6in. by 12ft 3in.
The bedrooms are 16ft 1.5in. by 9ft 5.5in.
The farthest bathroom (sink) is 3ft 9in. by 7ft 0.5in.
The farthest bathroom toilet and shower is 8ft 8in. by 6ft 1in.
The closest bathroom (sink) is 6ft 11in. by 3ft 9in.
The closest bathroom toilet and shower is 8ft 4in. by 5ft 11in.

Mailing Address

US Postal Service, UPS or FedEx:

Student Name
Apartment #
1405 Frericks Way
Dayton, OH 45409

Student Name
Apartment #
1618 Brown St.
Dayton, OH 45409

Student Name
Apartment #
1638 Brown St.
Dayton, OH 45409

Student Name
Apartment #
218 Caldwell St.
Dayton, OH 45409

Student Name
Apartment #
225 Stonemill Rd.
Dayton, OH 45409

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