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What is Hazing?

Hazing comes in many forms and definitions vary, but it is generally agreed that hazing is any action take or situation created intentionally that:

  • That causes embarrassment, harassment or ridicule
  • Risks emotional and/or physical harm
  • To members of a group or team whether new or not
  • Regardless of a person’s willingness to participate

Legal definitions vary by state and the University has its own definition of hazing. 

Consider the following:

  • Are all activities related to membership explicitly tied to organizational and institutional values? 
  • Are your membership activities accomplishing this?
  • Are your traditions in alignment with these values?

How to Prevent Hazing?

  • Talk to the organization’s:
    -leader to let him/her know of your concern
    -new member educator/guide and share your concern
    -advisor and share your concern
  • Ensure that:
    • -All leaders and advisers are present for events
    • -All members (new and active) participate in events
    • -There is not alcohol present at membership related events
  • Account for mitigation of risk in the following categories:
    • -physical
    • -emotional
    • -facilities
    • -financial
    • -reputations
  • Be able to share the content of your event with parents, advisers, university officials, and alumni

How to Step In

  • Look for best exit strategies for those involved
  • Report it
  • Get other bystanders to help you
  • Understand boundaries and limits – don’t be a hero.
  • *You don’t have to be the only one to step in nor do you have to confront them at the time of the issue
    • -Activities can escalate quickly
    • -Life threatening danger:  Call Public Safety (937-229-2121)

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