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For all values-based Greek letter fraternities and sororities, membership is open to sophomores, juniors, seniors, and transfer students.  First-year students may pursue membership options during their second semester at UD.

Learn about Recruitment

Register for Recruitment

In order to participate in recruitment, you must register online, by the deadline.  There is a $75 registration fee that all students registering for Panhellenic recruitment must furnish.  Please click on the registration link in the "related links" area below to register.

Questions about Recruitment

If you have questions about recruitment please reach out to our Vice President of Membership, Claudia Hampel, at

What is the difference between primary recruitment and open recruitment?
Recruitment is the period when fraternities and sororities actively seek out new members who have the values that align with those of their respective organization. Recruitment includes a series of events offering members and PNMs the opportunity to get to know one another through values based conversations and mutual selection.

Primary Recruitment
Primary recruitment happens during the last weekend of January and the first weekend in February. This is a fully structured process that allows all PNMs to meet members from every chapter on campus and participate in a mutual selection process. During the primary recruitment process, all chapters are eligible to take new member classes. Use the electronic application to apply for recruitment.

Open Recruitment
Open recruitment is a less structured process that happens during both the spring and fall semesters outside of the primary recruitment time. Open recruitment typically starts directly following primary recruitment in the spring, and one week after the semester resumes in the fall. Only eligible chapters are able to participate during open recruitment. You can inquire with each chapter individually to determine if they are eligible. To apply and participate, please use the open recruitment application.

Pursue Membership

A bid is a formal invitation to join, given by an individual sorority that wishes to offer you membership.  Remember, you must register by the deadline and participate in the recruitment process to be eligible to receive a bid to join. Bids are given out after the conclusion of the recruitment period.  Each organization uses its own internal constitution and by-laws to determine membership qualifications.  A sorority will inform you if its GPA requirement is higher than the University minimum of 2.25.

Spring 2019 Bid Day
Sunday, February 3, 2019

Participate in Recruitment

You must register online by the deadline. Upon registration, you will be given a list of all recruitment events.  These events will include a 90-minute orientation, then a weekend of recruitment events where you will meet and engage with women from all Panhellenic chapters.

Spring 2019 Recruitment Period
Thursday, January 31, 2019 - Sunday February 3, 2019

Chapter Leadership

President:  Sallie DeYoung
VP of Standards:  Kennedy Hale
VP of Membership:  Claudia Hampel
VP of Programming:  Maddie Cooperrider
VP of Communication:  Abigail Sturgill
VP of Finance:  Kathleen Owens
Greek Week:  Carol O'Connor
Philanthropy & Service:  Nicole Perkins
Character Development:  Megan Green
New Member Development:  Megan Jablonski

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