Student Employment

Student employees are fundamental to the success of the mission of the Center for Student Involvement.  We strive to engage students in an environment of mutual influence that creates learning opportunities complimentary to their academic and career goals.  Through the delicate balance of challenge and support, students are given the opportunity to learn skills that can be transferred to future careers while developing a sense of self-authorship.  

Typical Hiring Schedule: Most jobs in the Center for Student Involvement hire in the spring for the upcoming school year.

Learning Outcomes

We believe work in the Center for Student Involvement should be meaningful.  Our innovative and award-winning student employee development program provides students with the skills to be career ready. 

The Center for Student Involvement has developed seven core learning outcomes, based on the skills employers are looking for in recent college graduates.

CSI Student Employees Will:

  • • Demonstrate a commitment to professionalism by following office policy and procedure and articulating an understanding of the ability to transfer each policy to a future career.
  • • Identify procedures for dealing with peer-to-peer conflict including Marianist strategies of staying at the table.
  • • Become more comfortable having difficult conversations with peers.
  • • Identify and work through challenges or encountered difficulties.
  • • Understand the importance of setting goals and demonstrate SMART goals in a personal and professional setting.
  • • Articulate insights into their own cultural rules and biases, and describe what they can contribute to and gain from participating in communities of inclusive excellence and articulates and challenges internalized and externalized isms.
  • • Demonstrate the ability to successfully exchange information using verbal, written, and nonverbal skills.

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