Early Drop-off FAQs

Early Drop-off FAQs

Information for New Undergraduate Students

What is Early Drop-Off?

An opportunity to sign up for an hour time slot to bring all your items to your residence hall room the week before classes start and avoid the rush on Move-In day. 

When is Early Drop-Off?

Saturday, August 11 & Sunday, August 12, 2018. 

How do I register?

To register, you will preference your choices when completing your Housing and Residence Life preferences. 

How do I get to Dayton and find my residence?

Links to directions and maps are on our website. Be sure to follow the signs, and be aware that GPS devices aren't always accurate on campus.

Do I have to move in during the time I signed up for?

Yes!  It is very important to move in during this time frame.

Are there any rules for vehicles on campus that day?

Yes – you will be directed to pull up in front of your residence hall.  One person is required to stay with the vehicle at all times.  As soon as your belongings are unloaded, you will be directed to park in the nearest lot for the remainder of your time.  Students using U-Hauls or other oversized vehicles will be directed by Parking Services personnel to park and unload in nearby alternate locations.

What will my room/residence hall be like?

Please refer to the Housing and Residence Life website.

What should I pack?

Please refer to the What to Bring (PDF) for suggestions about what to bring.

How can I purchase my textbooks?

Please refer to the Bookstore website. 

How can I mail items to my student's residence hall?

You can mail items to your student by one of two ways. Click here for suggestions on how to mail items to your student via U.S. Postal Service or DHL, FEDEX or UPS. 


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