Orientation Service Project

Orientation Service Project


Every year the incoming class partners with a Dayton area community service organization to donate needed items.  This year we are excited to partner with the Victory Project, a privately funded Dayton after school program, mentoring disengaged young men in the city with groundbreaking 3E curriculum - Education, Entrepreneurship, and Enlightenment

The Victory Project is:  open year round, six days a week, builds relationships, earning us the right to be heard. Sharing dinner together every weeknight feeds us physically, tutoring and working at our micro-enterprise feeds us emotionally and our Bible studies feed us spiritually.

An uncommon alliance has formed between the business, criminal justice and faith communities to allow our young men to break the cycle of hopelessness, insignificance and isolation by addressing physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

The list of needed items includes:

  • Toilet Paper
    Paper Towels
    Printer Paper
    Dish Soap
    Laundry Soap
    Grab and Go Snacks (bags of chips, granola bars, etc.)
    Water bottles
    Cans of Orange/Grape Soda

More information about the Victory Project can be found on their website.


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