New Tools? We can help.

The Leadership Toolbox is a leadership resources that you can be checked out by an individual or group. You can be trained on how to use it or request a facilitator to come to your organization or group.  This toolbox will introduce you to the Social Change Model of Leadership and help your organization learn to be better leaders. Additionally, the Community software, sponsored by the Office of Student Life and Kennedy Union, offers a great way to learn more about our student organizations and express an interest in joining one or many.

Leadership Toolbox

The Student Development Leadership Toolbox is provided to equip Student Development staff with fundamental materials to use in department trainings, workshops, conferences, and orientations.  The purpose of the toolbox is to set a standard for understanding student leadership and provide a foundation that crosses functional areas for existing and new programs that have a training component. The Toolbox includes processes, instructions, best practices, tools, and templates that help departments introduce leadership skills and qualities from the University of Dayton’s perspective.

Goal of the Leadership Toolbox

Based on Student Development’s campus-specific model of student leadership development, which is grounded in leadership theory and the guiding documents of the institution, it is the goal of the Toolbox to equip staff to expose students in a variety of settings and capacities to a consistent understanding of leadership.  It is also the goal to help students understand how their experiences combine with theory to support the skills, knowledge, and values that foster self-awareness and promote personal development.

About the Toolbox

The Toolbox has been created for the leadership development of student leaders and student employees at the University of Dayton. The content of the Toolbox’s process/content outline (PCO) comes from best practices, is theoretically-based, and has been constructed by representatives from each area within Student Development.   It is a one-stop-shop resource for Student Development staff. 

Reservation, Check-Out and Return Process

To reserve and check-out a Toolbox 
  1. Complete the request for the Toolbox is submitted electronically.
  2. The request is confirmed within three business days and time is scheduled for an orientation with requestor to review the contents, explain the activities and answer questions. This includes how to properly facilitate the activities, how to facilitate discussions, and an explanation of the levels of difficulty/risk associated with certain activities.
  3. After the orientation meeting, a check-out sheet is completed online indicating the date of check-out, time of check-out, anticipated check-in date, and a digital signature by the individual.
  4. Click here to submit a request for the Toolbox. Please note, you must be logged into your udayton email to gain access to the form. 

Returning the Toolbox 

  1. The Toolbox should be returned to 131 Gosiger Hall.
  2. You will complete the required information to indicate the materials are returned.
  3. Within three business days after the Toolbox is returned, you will receive an electronic feedback form (Leadership Toolbox Feedback).
  4. Feedback will be kept to further create the Toolbox to best suit the needs of UD participants.