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Merit: Share your achievements

Merit BadgesMerit is an online tool that recognizes your achievements and maps your University of Dayton journey.

Here's how it works: The University writes news stories about your successes. These stories focus on your academic success, service activities, honors, research and achievements inside and outside the classroom.

When you participate in these events, you will receive a badge and a link to your personalized success story. Then we work together to spread the word about your accomplishments.

You can share your achievements with friends, family and neighbors on Facebook or Twitter with a single click. And we may send the news to your hometown newspaper.

We also create a Merit page for you that saves all these achievements and displays your badges. Your Merit profile is an ideal supplement to applications for jobs, internships and graduate schools.

We know achievements are about more than just an award or recognition at the end of a job well done; they're about your journey at the University of Dayton. Merit helps you map that journey.


Merit creates a visual, institution-verified supplement to your résumé that showcases your achievements from the time you enroll through graduation. Merit helps you create a powerful, professional online identity. The best part? We write the stories and create the links; you just have to share them. 

Merit keeps a record of key milestones, and it makes it easy for you to share them with others. Some students describe it as a virtual "I was here" stamp. Others have called it a "University LinkedIn profile."

Merit makes it easy for parents to share your accomplishments. With a simple "like" or "share" on Facebook or a quick email with your personalized link — coworkers, neighbors, grandparents and your old babysitter get the news about your good work.

Merit is more than a mere memento or source of nostalgia and pride. It can also help you succeed in the next stage of your journey. Did you know that 75 percent of company recruiters are required to do online research on job candidates and 70 percent have rejected applicants because of information they found online? Since Merit profiles are public and easy to find, it could help you stand out. It highlights the good things about you, and the official University badges give it credibility.

Claim Your Profile

Before you can claim your profile, we'll need to send you a badge — so watch your inbox for a message from

By the start of the fall 2013 semester, all students should have received an achievement and badge. Below is a brief explanation of how to locate and claim your profile. For more detailed, step-by-step instructions, visit the Merit setup page.

Step 1: Go to and search for your name.

Step 2: Next to your name, find the option to claim your profile.

Step 3: Enter your University email address, submit the form and wait for a confirmation email.

Step 4: Claim your Merit page by clicking on the "connect with Facebook" or "connect with Twitter" buttons in the email you receive.

Opt Out

We believe Merit is a great tool to track your journey and share your achievements at the University of Dayton. We also value your privacy.

The information contained in your achievements — first name, last name and hometown — is called "directory information" and does not conflict with federal privacy laws.

If for any reason you would like to opt out of Merit, here are two options:

  • You can remove your profile and achievements immediately after claiming your Merit page. You'll find an "opt out" link right on the page.
  • If you do not want to claim your profile but would like to opt-out, use the "contact" link on the bottom right corner of your Merit page.

Video Introduction

Watch this brief video to learn more about Merit by readMedia

Merit by readMedia from readMedia on Vimeo.