Set up your Merit profile

Have a campus job? Joined a club? Pledged a fraternity or sorority?

Build your online Merit profile and keep a record of your achievements and activities at the University of Dayton all in one place. Then, share that record with friends, family and prospective employers with a simple Tweet, post or email.

We'll get it started for you by awarding your first badge. Once you claim your profile, you can personalize it with a photo, bio and activities. The more you add, the more professional and useful your public profile becomes. 

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to get started. If you have any questions, please email us at

Step 1: Claim Your Profile

You have two options to claim your profile. You can open an achievement we send to you directly, or you can visit the University of Dayton Merit page and search for your name.

merit achievement email

Watch your inbox for emails from announcing you've been awarded an achievement. From your inbox, simply click on "View my achievement." You will be taken directly to your profile.

merit profile search

You can also visit and enter your name in the search bar. Click on your name to be taken to your profile.

merit claim your profile

On your profile page, click on the link to the right of your name that says "is this you?" You'll then be able to link your profile with Facebook or Twitter or simply claim with an email address.

Step 2: Connect with Facebook or Twitter

The following steps show how to connect your Merit profile to Facebook. If you create a profile using just your email, skip to Step 3.

merit profile facebook login

When you click on "Sign in with Facebook" from your Merit profile, you will be prompted to login to Facebook.

connect Merit with Facebook (the former name of Merit) will ask for permission to access your public profile. Click "Okay."

connect Merit with Facebook will then ask for permission to post to your friends on your behalf. Click "Okay."

Step 3: Update your Merit Profile

Now is your chance to personalize your Merit profile. At this initial setup, you can add past achievements and activities such as work experience and academic honors. You can always update your profile at a later date as your experiences at UD add up.

merit profile about you

Add your name, email address, hometown, major, graduating year and high school. You can also create a brief bio about yourself. In the next step, you will be asked to upload a photo.

merit profile activities

Now you can add your activities. Merit will walk you through each step to add the name of the activity, the date and any specific position or role you had.

merit profile work experience

For your work experience, you can add your employer, your job title and how long you worked there.

Step 4: Share your Profile

Now that your profile is complete, you can increase its visibility by sharing with friends on Facebook and Twitter and improving its page rank in Internet searches.

share profile on facebook

You can share your profile on social media or email with a simple click on the icons to the right of "Share this on:" at the top of your page.

merit story on facebook

You can also share individual achievements on Facebook or Twitter as you receive them. Simply click on the badge above the achievement in your profile to be taken to your achievement page. Then click on the Like, Send or Tweet buttons below the headline.

And that's it!