A collaborative effort to support student success.

What is the Student Success Network?

The Student Success Network:

  • a quick and simple way for instructors to notify advisors and support offices when they have a concern about a student, enabling students to receive needed assistance in a timely and effective manner
  • a tool to improve communication among instructors, advisors, and student support offices
  • an easily accessible site where students can find information about their classes, advisors, and university support services.

How does the Student Success Network support student success?

  • Enables instructors, advisors, and support offices to collaborate in delivering assistance to students in need
  • Enables instructors to acknowledge good student performance with “kudos”
  • Enables online appointment scheduling with instructors, advisors and support service offices.
  • Provides students with a list of all support services and offices on campus
  • Issues Student Progress Checkpoint Surveys to instructors twice a semester to identify students who may need additional support

What are Student Progress Checkpoint Surveys?

Student Progress Checkpoint Surveys are a tool that allows instructors to open an email and update students as well as advisors about the status of their students with just a few clicks. Any concerns are automatically routed to appropriate support staff.  Instructors are notified of any actions advisors or staff take to support the student.  Instructors can also use the Survey to give students a “pat on the back” to acknowledge good work or improved effort.   

Student Progress Checkpoint are issued to all instructors twice a semester.*  The first survey, which will arrive near the beginning of the term, asks instructors to verify that each student listed on the course roster has been attending the class, whether online or face-to-face. This survey enables the University to offer early intervention to students who may need help, ensure that class rosters are correct, and comply with federal financial aid regulations.

The second Student Progress Checkpoint arrives mid-way through the semester. This survey asks instructors to identify students who may need extra attention or have performed remarkably well in the course. 

*Some faculty and instructors may also receive progress surveys for student athletes.  If completed through the SSN, these surveys will replace the paper progress forms.  

How to Access Student Progress Checkpoint

All Student Progress Checkpoint can be accessed the same way:

 1. Instructors will receive an email announcing that the survey is available.

 2. To complete the survey, instructors will clink on a link embedded in the email: “Click here to access your Attendance/Participation Verification (or Academic Progress) Survey”.

 3. Instructors will be asked to log in and will be taken to their Student Success Network homepage.

 4. At the top of the homepage, instructors will see links to “Outstanding Surveys” for each of their courses.

 5. Instructors will click on the survey link for each course and complete the survey(s).

Why the Student Success Network Works

The Student Success Network is based on the idea that a campus community engaged with a student will contribute substantially to that student's success and that effective campus engagement occurs through collaborative efforts among faculty, advisors, and support offices. In addition, individual outreach to students and face-to-face conversations are critical so students know that there are people at the university who care about their success. The Student Success Network is intended to promote these important interactions. More effective support leads to increased student success, which improves student retention and graduation rates.

Student Success Network

Student Success Network