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UD Cable TV

The University of Dayton provides cable TV services for all on-campus residences (with the exception of Irving Commons and Rogge St.). To view digital channels on UD's cable TV system, televisions MUST be equipped with a QAM tuner.

There are two types of digital tuners:

ATSC tuners allow reception of local digital television channels transmitted “over the air” by local broadcast stations in North America.

QAM tuners allow reception of digital cable channels encoded and transmitted via cable television providers.

A TV equipped with only a ATSC tuner will not receive digital cable channels.

The Federal Communications Commission (FTC) requires that all televisions sold in the United States be able to receive "over the air" signals transmitted by local broadcasters (i.e. have at least an ATSC tuner) but does NOT require manufacturers to include QAM tuners.

While normally manufacturers will include both ATSC and QAM tuners, the highly competitive market of LCD/LED TV’s leads manufacturers to cut costs by limiting the number and types of inputs/outputs. Some manufacturers do not equip some (or any) of their models with QAM tuners in order to offer their product at a reduced cost. 

The bottom line? Check the specifications carefully before purchasing a TV and make sure the model includes a QAM tuner. 

If your television is not equipped with a QAM tuner, you can purchase an external QAM tuner to access cable stations. 

Digital Channel Line-up

TV's must be equipped with a QAM tuner to access the digital channels.

Channel Service Format
16-3 WPTD Again SD
16-4 WPTD Life SD
16-5 WPTD Ohio SD
26-1 WBDT HD (CW) HD
45-2 WRGT (This TV) SD
77-1 Campus Announcements SD
77-2 Channel Guide HD
101-1 Disney Channel HD
103-1 Nickeloeon HD
106-1 Cartoon Network HD
112-1 ABC Family HD
130-1 Discovery HD
131-1 TLC HD
132-1 Science HD
133-1 Anmal Planet HD
134-1 National Geographic HD
135-1 History Channel HD
150-1 HGTV HD
151-1 Food Network HD
155-1 Travel Channel HD
201-1 USA HD
202-1 TBS HD
203-1 TNT HD
204-1 A&E HD
205-1 FX HD
207-1 Comedy Channel HD
208-1 E! HD
209-1 Bravo HD
211-1 Lifetime HD
216-1 BET HD
220-1 TruTV HD
224-1 SyFy HD
225-1 BBC America HD
250-1 MTV HD
277-1 AMC HD
301-1 ESPN HD
302-1 ESPN2 HD
303-1 ESPN U HD
304-1 ESPN Classic HD
305-1 ESPN News HD
309-1 Fox Sports Ohio HD
316-1 Golf Channel HD
317-1 Fox Sports 1 HD
323-1 NBC Sports HD
346-1 NFL Network HD
350-1 CNN HD
351-1 Headline News HD
352-1 Fox News HD
354-1 MSNBC HD
355-1 CNBC HD
356-1 Bloomberg SD
370-1 Weather Channel HD
500-1 Channel Guide SD
501-1 HBO HD
502-1 HBO 2 HD
503-1 HBO Comedy SD
504-1 HBO Family SD
505-1 HBO Signature SD
506-1 TruTV SD
507-1 GOLTV SD
508-1 Soccer+ SD
509-1 CBS College Sports SD
510-1 Flyer TV SD
528-1 MTVu SD
566-1 Euronews Arabic SD
567-1 Al Jazeera Arabic SD
568-1 BBC Arabic Arabic SD
569-1 Dubai Arabic SD
570-1 Abu Dhabi Arabic SD
571-1 TV Japan Japanese SD
572-1 TV5 French SD
573-1 Deutsche Welle German SD
574-1 My German TV German SD
575-1 German Keno Plus German SD
576-1 Prosiebensat.1 Welt German SD
577-1 China Movie Channel Chinese SD
578-1 CCTV 4 Chinese SD
579-1 Beijing Television BTV Chinese SD
580-1 CCTV Entertainment Chinese SD
581-1 CCTV News Chinese SD
582-1 Phoenix Info News Chinese SD
583-1 Phoenix North America Chinese SD
584-1 Hunan Satellite TV Chinese SD
585-1 The Israeli Network Israeli SD
586-1 Al Jazeera Sport Arabic SD
587-1 Russia Today Russian SD
588-1 Discover Famiglia Latino SD
589-1 MUN2 Russian SD
590-1 TV Columbia Russian SD
591-1 CNN en Espanol Latino SD
592-1 Cine Latino Latino SD
593-1 De Pelicula Latino SD
594-1 Discovery en Espanol Latino SD
595-1 TR3´s: MTV, Musica y Mas Latino SD
596-1 History en Espanol Latino SD
597-1 TV Espanola International Latino SD
598-1 ESPN Deportes Latino SD
599-1 FOX Deportes Latino SD
600-1 Univision Este Latino SD
601-1 HBO Latino Latino SD
803-1 Telmundo Latino SD

Line-up as of 07/12/18.