New Service Requests or Changes

Classrooms, Departmental Spaces and Offices

Call 937-229-3888 for an estimate or for scheduling new service. Charges incurred for installations and changes in data network drop service must be approved, in advanced, by the departmental head responsible for billing. This could be either a supervisor or departmental chair, whomever the pre-approved individual is that signs for budget expenditures, per the comptroller's office.

Please include the following on each request:

  1. Account Number to be Charged for Services
  2. Department Making the Request
  3. Name and Phone Number of Person Making the Request
  4. Location for Delivery of Services (Building and Room No.)
  5. Description of Service Desired: i.e. - New Install, Change, Deactivate, Repair - Date Service Needed By
  6. Name and phone number of contact person

Residential Data Network Service

  • University Owned Houses - Contact Residential Properties at 937-229-2049.
  • Other University Residence Facilities - Contact Residential Services at 937-229-3317.

Port Security

  • allows only one (1) physical address on a given port at a given time such as one computer or laptop

Best Practice - wait about 5 minutes before connecting a new machine to a port where a previous machine was connected.  If you switch the device on a given port too quickly, it can sometimes fool the system into thinking that you have multiple computers connected thus shutting down the port for 15 minutes.

Note: hubs, switches, or routers unless installed by UDit are not permitted on the network - when connected to ports in campus buildings including houses and residence halls the port will shut down and it will appear to the computer/laptop as if the cable is unplugged