Spam Precautions

We all get spam. Most is simply annoying, but some spam is dangerous, luring us to turn over passwords or financial information. These messages can look convincing and it's easy to fall for these "phishing" scams. Security tools alone can't protect you from these quickly changing "social engineering" techniques; user knowledge is a critical piece of our campus security program!

What are the dangers with spam?

  • it can infect your computer with a virus
  • it can install spyware or adware to watch your actions online
  • it can entice you to provide personal information on a web site or return e-mail (also called phishing)
  • your personal information can be stolen from your computer

Examples of spam phishing messages:

spam spam spam

Top 10 Tips for Escaping Internet Phishers

  1. Delete e-mails from unknown senders
  2. Only open expected attachments from people you know
  3. Never respond to a spam (clicking on "please remove me from your mailing list" links may result in more spam)
  4. Treat your e-mail address like a credit card number - never submit it to a person or site you do not trust
  5. Never make a purchase from a spam message
  6. Do not click links from commercial e-mails even if you trust the company; phishers can mask malicious content to look convincing from trusted sources - even the IRS!
  7. Do not provide your e-mail on public forums or web sites
  8. Do not give out your name, SSN, telephone number, street address, birth date, credit card numbers, driver's license number, or vehicle registration plate number via e-mail
  9. Keep your antivirus software and operating system current to fix and prevent vulnerabilities that spam or attachments could exploit
  10. Regularly check your free credit report at

Think you have been hacked?

Contact the Federal Trade Commission's ID Theft Clearinghouse.

phone: 877-438-4338, TDD 202-326-2502

and report the problem to law enforcement agencies through NCL's Fraud Center,

Remember: UD will never ask for personal information via e-mail.

We will always list an office you can contact for more information.


Learn more about phishing and spam at these Websites:

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