VPN Access

VPN Access to the UD Network 

Some campus resources require an extra layer of protection because of the sensitive data they may contain (e.g. Novell file storage, Banner INB, Cognos).

If you need to access these resources when away from campus, or if you need to access your office computer from home, use UD's Virtual Private Network (VPN) by installing the VPN client and using the client to access the UD network.

Installing the UD VPN client (one-time device setup):

To access the UD network through our VPN, you'll first need to download and install a small software application, the VPN client - Cisco AnyConnect. Select your operating system below for instructions on installing the VPN client.

Using the VPN client to access UD network resources

Once you have installed the VPN client, see the instructions below for connecting to the UD network.