Remote VPN Access

Installing and Using the iOS VPN Client

Installing the iOS VPN Client

Download the Cisco AnyConnect application for your iOS device from the iTunes store.


Open the AnyConnect app and select "OK" to enable the software.


Select "Add VPN Connection..."


Enter “” in the Server Address field and select "Save".


Connecting a VPN Session

Open the AnyConnect application.

Slide the "AnyConnect VPN" button to the ON position.


The RA VPN login screen has 3 fields: one for your UD username, one for your UD password and a third to instruct DUO how you want to authenticate. The first time you encounter the login dialog, it will look like this: Select "Connect".duo1


If you are enrolled in DUO 2FA:

In the “Second Password” field, enter one of the following:

  • A six-digit DUO passcode: Enter a passcode generated with your DUO Mobile app, sent to you via SMS or generated by your hardware token.
  • The word "push": This tells DUO to push a login request to the Duo Mobile app installed on your iOS, Android, or Windows Phone device.
  • The word "phone": This tells DUO to authenticate via phone callback.
  • The word "sms": This tells DUO to text you a batch of passcodes. You can then retry login using the passcode option above.

If you are NOT enrolled in DUO 2FA:

Even if you’re not enrolled in 2FA, you must enter something in the “second password” field to log into the VPN. We suggest something simple, like the character ”1”, but any character(s) will suffice.

NOTE: Subsequent RA VPN connections will display a modified login dialog, replacing the “Second Password” with more descriptive text:


Disconnecting A VPN Session

To disconnect your VPN session slide the "AnyConnect VPN" button to the "OFF" position.


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