Portable Equipment

Classroom Support offers a selection of multimedia technologies and tools that faculty and staff can request for use on campus. Daily rental fees for non-academic and event use are listed in the catalog below.

Note: If you are requesting equipment/support at River Campus (1700 S. Patterson Blvd.) make your request here.

Note: Equipment taken off campus for non-academic use is not covered by UD's insurance policy and therefore the borrower will be responsible for replacing the equipment if it is lost, stolen or damaged. This equipment is available only to faculty and staff, and cannot be reserved by students.

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Notebook PC Notebook PC ($100)
Use for presentations in spaces without a dedicated PC
Classroom Camcorder Camcorder ($40)
Video tape projects/classes/campus activities. Tripods are available upon request.
Camcorder Tripod Camcorder Tripod ($15)
Tripod that camcorder can be mounted on. Assists in providing stability and flexibility for recordings
Document Camera Document Camera ($65)
Use to capture text, photo, and 3D objects to be displayed through the data projector on a large screen. Additional light box for capturing transparencies is also available.
Digital Recorder Digital Audio Recorder ($15)
Records up to 69 hours of audio in WMA format. Includes built in USB connector for easy transfer to a computer.
Projector Data Projector ($65)
Projects the data from a laptop or desktop on to a screen. Suitable for use in a classroom or conference room.
73 16:9 Portable Screen (73" Diagonal)  Viewing area: 36''H x 64''W ($40)
Useful in small to medium spaces such as a larger classrooms or larger conference rooms.
55 16:9 Portable Screen (55" Diagonal)  Viewing area: 27"H x 48"W ($30)
Useful in small spaces such as a classroom or conference room.


IT Service Center

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