Video Conferencing Technology

Lifesize is the primary supported Video Conferencing platform at UD.  Lifesize allows you to connect and collaborate efficiently with others on or off campus.  Here at UD, we have integrated Lifesize into 13 rooms across campus.  A list of Lifesize-integrated rooms can be found here.

  • -  Connect via audio, video, phone, and chat.
  • -  Allows up to 40 sites to connect at one time.
  • -  Participants can share content (powerpoint, video, etc.)
  • -  Record your meeting for playback

Lifesize Cloud

Lifesize Cloud is a software-based conferencing solution that features many of the same abilities an integrated Lifesize unit provides.  Lifesize cloud can be downloaded here.

-  Lifesize app can be installed on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

-  Connect via audio, video, phone, and chat.

-  Share local content from your desktop.

-  Connect with up to 40 people.

-  Create personal meeting rooms and passcode protect them.

Ready To Get Started?

Create your own Lifesize Account to get started!  Please go to the link below to create your account.  You will be redirected to a familiar UD login page where you will use your existing UD credentials.  Once you authenticate your Lifesize account will be automatically created!

Create your Lifesize account here.

Looking For More Infomation?

We are happy to work with you to determine how we can assist you with your Video Conferencing needs.  Please contact the IT Service Center below for more information.


IT Service Center

Anderson 28