Forums Tool Tips

    Setting Up Forums and Topics

    This video and these tips will show you how to setup class discussion forums and topics and will also show you how to setup group discussion forums and topics.

    View the Setting Up and Using the Forums Tool Tip (PDF)

    View the Forum Permissions Tip (PDF)

    Restricting Discussion Forums to Groups

    Looking for a way to give student groups a private place to collaborate?

    View the Restricting Forums to Groups Tip (PDF)

    Reply Privately Feature in Forums

    The reply privately feature sends an individual student a message directly within the Forums+ tool. It uses the 'Messages' tool behind the scenes to complete and store the transaction for future review. In addition to sending the message privately to the student with Isidore, users also have the ability to send it to the student's University email address at the same time.

    View the Reply Privately Tip (PDF)

    Marking a Forum Thread as Read

    This tip will explain how to mark individual forum messages as read.

    View the Instructor Tip - Marking a Forum Thread as Read Tip (PDF)

    Watch Feature

    This tip will explain how to setup forums notifications.

    View the Watch Feature Tip (PDF)

    Grading Forum Postings

    This tip will explain how to setup grading through forums.

    View the Grading Forum Postings Tip (PDF)

    How to Host a Successful Online Discussion Forum

    Are you looking for a way to create a reflection period after class is over or a way to enhance interaction and collaboration?  An online discussion gives all students the chance to express themselves because they may not feel comfortable speaking up in class.  This document will show you some practical ideas for adding an online discussion forum to your course and some tips for successful discussion facilitation.

    View the Engaging Discussion Forum Ideas Tip (PDF)

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