Gradebook Tool Tips

    Using Isidore's Gradebook Tool

    The Gradebook tool is designed so that you can keep track of students' grades and students can see how they do on assignments and assessments.

    Understanding Course Grades

    Do you know how the Isidore Gradebook works?  Are your final grades accurate and ready to be entered into Porches?

    View Understanding Course Grades Tip (PDF)

    Are your final course grades ready?

    With the end of the semester approaching, the E-Learning Lab wanted to give instructors a simple way to check their grades and gradebook columns so that students' course grades are accurately represented.  It's important not to assume that the displayed course grades are accurate because some grades may be missing or excluded from the overall course grade calculation.

    In order to ensure that your Isidore gradebook is setup correctly, please answer the following 6 questions:   

    • A.  Are there red asterisks (*) next to your course grades?  Read more
    • B.  Are some of your grades in parentheses ()?  Read more
    • C.  Are all of your items in the proper category with the proper weights (if using)?  Read more
    • D.  Are any of your gradebook items colored gray?  Read more
    • E.  Are you seeing dashes in your gradebook?   Read more
    • F.  Are all of your assignments, tests, and quizzes in the gradebook? 
    • G.  Have you entered your grades into Porches?  Visit Porches

    Creating Custom Grading Scales

    Do you use a different grading scale than others at the University?  These tips and videos will show you how to enter a custom grading scale into both the Gradebook and Gradebook+ tools in Isidore.

    The video can be made larger by clicking on the "full screen" button and they can be switched into HD to make them clearer.

    How to Release Course Grades

    By default, the course grade is hidden from students. The grade is hidden from students because it can look inflated if a faculty member hasn’t entered in the zeros for missing assignments. This tip will show you how to make your course grades available to students. 

    View the Releasing Course Grades Tip (PDF)

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