Site Management Tips

    Adding Participants to a Site

    Are you confused about how to add students, TAs, or guest lecturers to your Isidore site?

    View the Add Participants Tip

    Renaming and Reordering Tools

    How do you rename or reorder the tools on the left-side of your Isidore course?

    View the Renaming and Reordering Tools Tip

    Hiding Sites

    How do I hide sites I don't want to see anymore?

    View the Hiding Sites Tip

    Why Are Some Tool Names in Parentheses?

    Why are some of the tool names in my site in parentheses? What does it mean?

    View the Hidden Tool Tip

    What can I do with the Site Stats tool?

    When was the last time a specific student logged into your site? What is the most active tool in my site? What file has been opened the most? The Site Stats tool allows instructors to easily see what’s happening in their sites.

    View the Site Stats Tip

    T.A. Permissions for Instructors

    This tip will explain what a TA can do in your site by default and permissions you can change to increase their abilities. 

    View the TA Permissions Tip

    Allowing a TA to Grade in your Site

    Do you have a Teaching Assistant? Would you like them to be able to grade items in your Isidore site? The following tip will show instructors how to add a TA and configure their site so they can grade assignments, quizzes, and enter grades in the gradebook tool. 

    View the Allowing a TA to Grade Tip

    Importing Content from a Past Site

    Would you like to re-use certain content from past sites but not all content?  This tip will show you how to import content from a paste site.

    View the import from site tip (PDF)

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