Start-up Tips

    Getting Started with Isidore

    New to Isidore? This video will provide you with instructions for logging into the system.

    How to Create an Isidore Site

    This tip explains the process of creating an Isidore site. Faculty can create their own sites and have their student rosters added within minutes. You’ll also find directions in this tip on how to easily re-use content from other sites during the creation process.

    View Site Creation Instructions (PDF)

    Getting the Most Out of Your Homepage

    Does your course homepage look boring? Would you like to spruce it up but you’re not sure what to put on it?

    View the Homepage Tip

    Posting a Syllabus

    One of the first things you'll need to do is post your syllabus for students.  This video will show you how to upload your syllabus to Isidore's Syllabus tool.

    Viewing More Sites

    Are you wondering why there aren’t tabs for some of your Isidore courses?

    View the Viewing More Sites Tip

    What is the Session Time-Out Warning?

    Whether you are typing a long assignment submission in the text editor, or posting a detailed discussion forum post, you’ll no longer be the victim of lost work and will no longer be logged out of Isidore without warning. A new security feature has been installed that will inform users before their session times out so they won't lose any work they’ve composed in Isidore. 

    View the Time-Out Warning Tip

    How do I tell students we're using Isidore?

    How do I tell students that we’re using Isidore for our class site? Is there any standard text I can add to my syllabus?

    View the "Tell Students We're Using Isidore" Tip (PDF)

    Hiding and Displaying Resources

    Why can’t students see the Resources tool?

    View the Hidden Resources Tip

    The Student and T.A. Views

    What do your students or TAs see when they log into your site?

    View the Student and TA Views Tip

    Publishing and Unpublishing Sites

    When you're ready for students to see your site, you can make it available (publish it) from the Site Info tool. When you publish your site, it appears as a new tab in each student's workspace.  If you do not want your students to see your site, you can make it unavailable (unpublish it) from the Site Info tool.  When you unpublish your site, students will not see a tab for your site in their workspace.

    View the Publishing and Unpublishing Sites Tip (PDF)

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