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    Help with the New Settings Page

    If you've used Tests & Quizzes before, the new settings page has been redone to make it easier to use.  Don't let that alarm you.  The new version offers the same features you've used in the past along with some major improvements.  This page will explain the differences you'll see as you use the new version and how to get started.

    How to Print Out a Test or Quiz

    Do you need to print out a paper copy of a test or quiz that's in Isidore?  These instructions will show you how.

    How to create an assessment from a Word document

    This video will show you how to use Isidore's Quick Create feature to create an assessment from a MS Word document.

    Entering Zeros for a Test or Quiz

    This video will show you how to enter a zero for a student who did not take a test or quiz.

    Updating a Published Assessment

    Have you published a quiz with the wrong due date or feedback settings? Did you a mark the wrong 'correct answer' on a question when you created the quiz and need to change it?

    Releasing Assessments to Specific Groups

    Learn how to configure your assessments to give some students more time to complete their exams or to allow certain students to take the exam at different times.

    View the Releasing Assessments to Groups Tip (PDF)

    Allowing a Student to Retake an Assessment

    Did a student report problems while taking an assessment? Would you like to give a student another try on an exam that they didn't do so great on? This tip will show you how to allow individual students to retake an assessment in Isidore’s Tests & Quizzes tool. 

    Successful Assessment Checklist for Instructors

    successful assessment checklist for instructors

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