Red Asterisks in the Isidore Gradebook

    If you are seeing a red asterisk (*) next to your students' grades, then you have not yet calculated their course grades.  Calculating your students’ course grades is the final step of ensuring your grades are accurate.

    Calculate Course Grades

    During this step, all of the dashes in your Isidore Gradebook will be converted to zeros.  Remember that the dashes reflect assignments and/or assessments that students have not yet attempted.  Please note that this will not work for items that were not mandatory (students did not have to complete).

    To calculate your students’ final grades, please go into your Isidore Gradebook tool.  Click on the “Course Grades” link near the top of your screen.  Scroll down to the bottom of your student list and click on the “Calculate Course Grades” button.  A warning will appear that this action is irreversible and you’ll need to click on the “Continue” button to have Isidore calculate your final grades.  After that, your students’ course grades should be accurate.

    More information about course grades (PDF)

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