Using the Lessons Tool in Isidore

    The new Lessons tool has replaced the Modules tool in Isidore. Lessons gives instructors an easy way to lay out their course content in an easy to navigate layout for students. The new version of Lessons allows students to comment about course material, allows students to post their own lessons, allows subpages to be date released, and gives the instructor the ability to make certain elements visible to specific groups. Lessons is visually appealing because it displays icons next to an item indicating whether it's a .doc, .ppt, .pdf, forum topic, assignment, quiz, or a subpage.

    What can I do with the Lessons tool?

    • Customize the Layout of your Content - You can have one Lessons tool with lots of subpages or have lots of Lessons tools with content on a single page. The Lessons tool gives you the flexibility to layout your content however you want. We've even created an easy to use template with module headings and icons for you to use within your courses.
    • Create your own Text - Use the "Add Text" feature to write your own text in your content modules and use the WYSIWYG HTML editor to modify it.
    • Enhance your Content with Videos and Images - Use the "Add Multimedia" feature to easily embed videos from YouTube or insert images into your course.
    • Link to Assignments - Have students complete assignments without leaving the Lessons tool by adding an assignment.
    • Link to Assessments - Have students complete assessments without leaving the Lessons tool by adding a quiz.
    • Link to Forum Topics - Have students participate in a threaded discussion without leaving the Lessons tool by adding a forum.
    • Add a Comment Section - Give students the ability to comment on certain pages in the Lessons tool by adding a comment section.
    • Add a Student Content Section - Give students an area to create their own content by adding student content. Once you add this section, students have the ability to create their own page and subpages.
    • Release Pages by Date - If you don't want students to be able to see certain pages until a certain day and time, you can set them up with date restrictions.
    • Restrict Pages to Groups - If you want to have separate Lessons pages for different groups, you can release certain subpages to specific groups.
    • Set Prerequisites - If you would like students to complete certain tasks before they can take an assessment, you can setup the Lessons tool so that they have to complete certain prerequisites before they take an assessment. You can also set it up so that students can't proceed to the next module until they've gotten a specified score on an assessment.
    • Require Certain Items - If you would like to require that students complete certain tasks before they move on to something else, you can setup items to be required.

    Lessons Tool Help Videos

    Please visit the link below for help with the Lessons tool.

    View the help videos for Lessons

    Linking to Items when Tools are Hidden

    Did you know that you can link to assignments, tests and quizzes, and forum topics from the Lesson tool (even when you've hidden the other tools)?  This tip will explain how you can hide Assignments, Tests and Quizzes, and Forums and still link to items within the Lessons tool.

    View the Link to Items in Hidden Tools Tip (PDF)

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