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    Test-taking Tips

    This section contains some of the recommended test-taking tips for students.  While problems with exams are few and far between, they do happen occasionally.  If you experience trouble while you're completing an online quiz or exam in Isidore, you need to contact your instructor immediately.  He or she will work with the E-Learning Lab to correct the issue you experienced.

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    How to Access your Test or Quiz

    To access your test or quiz, you'll need to click on the Tests & Quizzes tool in your Isidore course site.  Then click on the title of the test or quiz under "Take an Assessment."  Read any instructions on the screen that were provided by your instructor.  When you're ready, click on the "Begin Assessment" button.

    Please utilize the "Save" button that's located near the bottom of the screen as you work on your test or quiz.  Isidore will auto-save your answers every couple of minutes, but it never hurts to save more frequently.  Also, once you begin the assessment, please don't leave the test or open Isidore in another tab or window.  This may cause your answers to be erased.

    After you've submitted your assessment, you can view your grade and/or feedback that your instructor has allowed you to see.  If you need help viewing your grade or feedback, please review the "How to Check your Grade and Feedback" section below.

    If you encounter any trouble while you're taking your test or quiz, please contact your instructor immediately.

    How to Check your Grade and Feedback

    If your instructor has chosen to make feedback and/or your score available to you, you can locate that information in the Tests & Quizzes tool.  Click on the "Feedback" link to view the feedback components your instructor has released.  

    If your instructor is utilizing the Isidore Gradebook, you should be able to view your test and quiz grades there as well.

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