Isidore 201 - Advanced Uses and Tools

Once you’ve learned the basics through the Isidore 101 training module, you’ll want to move onto this class to learn how to make use of some of the more useful tools in the system - including the Assignments Drop box, online Gradebook, Tests & Quizzes tool, and Discussion Forums tools.

Collecting and Grading Assignments Online

Leave the endless piles of student papers on your desk behind.  This section will provide an in-depth look at the Assignments tool in Isidore so that faculty can collect, grade, and provide quality feedback to students online.  We'll also cover specific integrated Assignments tool features (such as TurnItIn Plagiarism Prevention and Gradebook integration).

Step 1: Adding an Assignment

Step 2: Grading an Assignment

Other Tips for the Assignments Tool:

View the Using Turnitin Tip (PDF)
You can use Turnitin (UD's plagiarism detection software) from within Isidore's Assignments tool.  This tip will show you how to get started with Turnitin.

Managing Online Discussions

Are you looking for ways to build community and add personalization in your online course? Would you like to continue an in-class discussion outside of class? This section will help you learn how to setup asynchronous, online discussion forums in your Isidore site.

Step 1: Setting Up Discussions

Step 2: Managing Online Discussions

The video below will show you how to manage class discussions after your students hvae started posting.  It will also show you how to use the reply privately, watch, and statistics & grading features.

Other Tips for the Forums Tool:

Getting Acquainted with the Gradebook Tools

You most likely know that you can keep track of grades for assignments and assessments submitted through Isidore by using the Gradebook tool within the system. Did you know that you can also enter grades for assignments completed outside of Isidore? This section will help you configure the Gradebook tool for your class.


Other Tips for the Gradebook Tools:

View the Understanding Course Grades Tip (PDF)

***Remember that no matter which gradebook you use, you still need to enter your final grades through Porches.

Creating and Delivering Online Exams

Have you wanted to offer an online exam but have been reluctant to do so? Offering exams online is a great way to save class time for other activities. In this section, we'll go over all details and concerns regarding online testing. You’ll learn how to build your exams in Isidore as well as how to configure the feedback and scores for students.

Step 1: Creating an Assessment

There's a secondary option for creating an assessment in Isidore that's called "Quick Create".

Do you already have your assessment in Microsoft Word?  You can use Isidore's Quick Create feature to copy and paste your exam into Isidore.  All you need to do is format it slightly so that Isidore can interpret the correct answers. 

View the video to see how.

Step 2: Publishing an Assessment

Other Tips for the Tests & Quizzes Tool:

View the Editing Settings and Publishing an Assessment Instructions (PDF)


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