Isidore Support for Instructors

    This page contains Isidore support information for instructors, along with links to our help documentation.  The Isidore issues that crop up most frequently can be found below.  If you think of something to add to this page, please contact us at or (937) 229-5039.

    General Isidore help documentation can be found at:

    Trouble Logging into Isidore (or Password Issues)

    If an instructor is having trouble logging into Isidore, you first need to ask them if they have an official UD account.  If the instructor has a UD account, then they most likely need to have their password reset.  Isidore uses UD usernames and passwords for authentication.

    Occasionally, folks outside of UD are granted access to Isidore sites.  If the instructor does not have a UD account, then he or she may have been added with a guest account.  The E-Learning Lab needs to handle password resets for Isidore guest accounts.  Please contact the E-Learning Lab at (937) 229-5039 or for assistance with Isidore guest accounts. 

    How to Create an Isidore Site

    Instructors (who wish to use Isidore) need to create their own Isidore site(s) each semester.  Courses for the upcoming term are available for creation about 7 weeks prior to the start of the semester.

    View site creation instructions

    Site creation instructions are available in both video and PDF format.

    How to Add/Drop Students

    Student rosters (in Isidore) are updated twice a day with adds and drops from the Registrar's Office.  Instructors shouldn't need to add or remove students unless there is a special case (like a student working on an incomplete). 

    If an instructor needs to add someone to their Isidore course, they can follow the instructions for adding participants to a site.

    Tool-Specific Questions

    We have help available for different Isidore tools.  If the instructor has a question about Gradebook, Forums, Assignments, Lessons, or Tests & Quizzes, you can refer them to the help pages below.

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