Warpwire Video

Warpwire Video is a video hosting and streaming platform for education that UD has integrated into Isidore. Both students and faculty are able to store their course-related videos in Warpwire Video. Warpwire Video allows students and faculty to easily upload & embed their videos into different Isidore tools (like Announcements, Assignments, Forums, Lessons, etc.). Warpwire Video allows you to upload existing videos (from your computer, phone, or mobile device) or record videos on-the-fly within the application (through your web cam or mobile device).

All videos uploaded for classroom use by UD instructors will be automatically closed-captioned by Rev.com.

You can add the Warpwire Video tool to your Isidore course site or you can access Warpwire Video via http://go.udayton.edu/warpwire.

Use Cases

Click on the links below for instructions for different use cases for Warpwire Video.

  • Instructor sharing basics (PDF) - details how instructors can record and upload videos, then share with a roster or individual students. Also provides instructions to embed videos in different tools (Assignments, Announcements, Lessons, etc.).
  • Allowing student sharing (PDF) - details how instructors can enable all participants in the course to add their own content. Students can share privately with just the instructor or students can share videos with all participants for a collaborative group project or discussion forum posts.
  • Student sharing basics (PDF)- details how students can record and upload videos if student sharing is enabled in the course.


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