Training Session Descriptions

Isidore 101: Getting Started with Isidore

Are you ready to take your class online or supplement your classroom activities with Isidore? This one hour starter session will introduce users to Isidore, the campus learning management system, and cover the basics for getting started. Users that are new to the system are strongly encourage to complete this session before taking the Isidore 201 session.

Who should attend this session?

Anyone who is new to Isidore and is interested in learning how to use the basic tools (Announcements, Syllabus, Resources, and Schedule).  No previous technical knowledge is required (although familiarity with Microsoft Office is beneficial).

Isidore 201: Advanced Uses and Tools

Once you’ve learned the basics through the Isidore 101 training session you’ll want to move onto this class to learn how to make use of some of the more useful tools in the system - including the Assignments Drop box, online Gradebook, and Discussion Forums tools.

Who should attend this session?

Anyone who has attended Isidore 101 and is interested in getting started with more advanced tools (Assignments, Gradebook, Forums, Tests & Quizzes).  If you've mastered the Syllabus, Announcements, Schedule, and Resources tools, then you're ready for Isidore 201.

Teaching Virtually with Collaborate

Collaborate, previously named Elluminate, is a synchronous online learning and collaboration tool. Students join a virtual classroom, interact, following PowerPoints, annotate a whiteboard, poll the class, and chat through computer audio. Could this work for your class? Come and find out.

Who should attend this session?

Anyone who is interested in hosting class sessions using web conferencing software.  

Using the Lessons Tool: A Dynamic Way to Create Online Course Modules

The Lessons tool is the new version of the Modules tool in Isidore. Come to this session and learn how to organize, build, and enhance your course content. With the Lessons tool, you can link directly to assignments, forum topics, and tests and quizzes. You can also easily add pictures and videos to your site.

Who should attend this session?

Instructors who want to improve the appearance of their course content in Isidore or build completely online course modules.  Familiarity with Isidore tools (like Assignments, Gradebook, Tests & Quizzes, and Forums) is beneficial to session participants.

Boosting Student Engagement with Clickers

Are you tired of waiting until exam day to see how much your students are learning? Student Response Systems (SRS), or “clickers”, are becoming standard equipment in many college classrooms. These handy tools allow instructors to get instantaneous feedback through electronic polling from a large audience. Come try them out for yourself and hear who’s already using them on campus.

Who should attend this session?

Anyone who wants to liven up their lecture course.  No technical knowledge is required.  If you can use a USB flash drive, then you can use clickers.

Recording Lectures for On-Demand Delivery with Snagit

Snagit is a computer screen recording software that every faculty member should have in their tool box.  This session will focus on where to get the software, how to use it, and the advantages it offers faculty.

Who should attend this session?

Anyone who is interested in capturing their lectures with Snag It.  Some familiarity with Isidore would be beneficial.  No experience with video capture software is not necessary.

Adding Audio & Video to your Online Course

Are you looking to add some personality to your online course? Do you want to engage your students with different types of multimedia? If you want to learn how you can enhance your course with audio and video, come to this session and learn some creative ways to use podcasts and videos inside of various Isidore tools.

Who should attend this session?

Anyone who wants to enhance their Isidore site.  If you've used Isidore for a while and you're looking for something new to try, this is the session for you.  Familiarity with Isidore tools (like Announcements, Assignments, and Tests & Quizzes) is strongly encouraged.

Getting Acquainted with the Isidore Gradebook Tools

You most likely know that you can keep track of grades for assignments and assessments submitted through Isidore by using the Gradebook tools within the system. Did you know that you can also enter grades for assignments completed outside of Isidore? Come to this session to learn the differences between the two Gradebook tools and how to configure the Gradebook tools for your class.

Who should attend this session?

Anyone who is currently using Isidore and would like to get their Gradebook setup.  If you've used the basic gradebook features and would like to use more advanced ones (like extra credit or dropping the lowest), then this session is for you. 

Creating and Delivering Online Exams with Isidore

Have you wanted to offer an online exam but have been reluctant to do so? Offering exams online is a great way to save class time for other activities. During this session we’ll go over all details and concerns regarding online testing. You’ll learn how to build your exams in Isidore as well as how to configure the feedback and scores for students.

Who should attend this session?

Anyone who is currently using Isidore and would like to offer online quizzes or tests.

Managing Online Discussions with the Forums Tool

Are you looking for ways to build community and add personalization in your online course? Would you like to continue an in-class discussion outside of class? Come to this session and learn how to setup asynchronous, online discussion forums in your Isidore site.

Who should attend this session?

Anyone who is using Isidore and would like to host online, structured discussions.

Google Docs and Isidore

Did you know that Google Docs and Calendar can be easily added to an Isidore course?  This session will help you discover ways to integrate Google Docs throughout your course.

Who should attend this session?

Anyone who is interested in adding Google Docs or Calendars to his or her Isidore site.  Previous experience with Google Docs is highly recommended.


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