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This page contains a list of tips that are sent out by email every Tuesday to individuals who have attended IT Training instructor-led classes or who have contacted IT Training for consultations and other services. They include various topics, such as Google Apps, Microsoft Office and more!  Please feel free to share this information to anyone who might benefit from the quick tip topic. 

12/12/17 - Google Drive - Insert Files into Gmail

Attaching files to an email is one the most commonly used methods for sharing documents with other users.  With Gmail, you can also share files that are stored within your Google Drive and in today's tip, you'll learn how this can be done.

12/11/17 - Finals Stress Break

Hello everyone.

I know it's not Tuesday, but I'm sending you an early invitation that will "chill" any finals week stress or any other type of stress that you might be experiencing!

If your schedule permits, please plan to stop by the Learning Teaching Center (LTC) on Tuesday, December 12 between 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm for Virtual Reality (VR) Snowman Decorating using Google Tilt Brush!

Please watch the following 30 second video.  It also contains a famous snowman song:

I hope you can join us!  Please feel free to forward this message to other snow art enthusiasts.

Thank you!

PS:  Your actual Tuesday Tip will be sent sometime tomorrow - Dec. 12.

12/5/17 - Hoonuit - Pathways

Hoonuit is the University of Dayton's online professional learning resource which provides a variety of video tutorials for professional development and on-demand training.  Today's Tuesday Tip showcases a new feature called "Pathways" which can help you expand your knowledge on a specific technical or non-technical topic and earn certificates of completion!

11/28/17 - Gmail - Canned Responses

Do you find yourself composing and sending the same message over and over again in Gmail?  Save yourself some time and extra keystrokes by creating email templates otherwise know as Canned Responses!

11/21/17 - Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

If you stop for a moment and put work, politics and other issues aside, we all have something to be thankful for.  In a "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" Linus shares a prayer that highlights the reason why we stop and give thanks on this special day:

11/14/17 - Converting Google Apps

Google Applications like Google Docs and Google Sheets contain a number of useful features and functions.  However there may be an instance where you need the additional features found in Microsoft Word and Excel.  Instead of recreating the document, you can download it directly into Word or Excel and in today's Tuesday Tip, you will learn how this can be done!

11/7/17 - Google Forms - File Upload

With Google Forms you can have recipients upload and submit a document to a questionnaire, survey or quiz and in today's Tuesday Tip, you will learn how this can be done!

10/31/17 - Google Docs - Explore

Today's hauntingly good Tuesday Tip will show you "howl" to use a Google Docs feature called Explore.  With Explore you can instantly add images and citations to a document!

10/24/17 - Microsoft Excel - Recommended Charts

Today's tip showcases a quick and easy way to create charts in Microsoft Excel.  Check it out!

10/17/17 - Google Calendar - Weather Forecasts

As you know, Google Calendar can be used to display meetings, appointments and tasks.  But did you know that it can also display a 4-day weather forecast?  Check out today's Tuesday Tip and learn how!

10/10/17 - Microsoft Powerpoint - Recording Narrations

Voice narrations and slide timings are two slide enhancements available within Microsoft PowerPoint.  In today's Tuesday Tip, you will learn how to add these features with the Record Slide Show tool.

10/3/17 - Google Forms - Checkbox Grid Questions

Google Forms recently added an additional question type called Checkbox Grid.  This feature essentially allows a user to select multiple answers within a series of questions and in today's tip you will learn how this can be utilized within a form or survey.

9/26/17 - Gmail - Emailing a Roster

Are you currently teaching a class and would like to email your students through your University Gmail account?  Watch today's Tuesday Tip and see how this can be easily accomplished!

9/19/17 - Microsoft Office - Excel Transpose

Have you ever had an Excel worksheet where you would like to flip the data from columns to rows?  In today's Tuesday Tip you will learn how this can be done with the Excel "Transpose" feature.

9/12/17 - Google Calendar - Appointment Slots

Google Calendar is a great resource for scheduling meetings and events.  It can also be used to create something called Appointment Slots - specific meeting times that customers can reserve.  For example, if you hold regular office hours to meet with students, Appointment Slots are the way to go!

9/5/17 - Hoonuit

Remember Atomic Learning?  This summer, the University of Dayton's online professional training resource underwent a "refit" and is now Hoonuit.  In today's Tuesday Tip, you will learn how to access your account, view training videos and explore some new and improved features of this online resource.

8/29/17 - Google: Team Drive

Welcome back! 

Today's tip is an informative one regarding a recent Google document collaboration feature called Team Drive.  If you are working on a project with several co-workers or would like to share documents with your office colleagues, consider the possibilities of a Team Drive.

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