UD Google Apps

UD Google Apps is UD's integrated communication and collaboration suite.  Based on the Google Apps for Education offering to higher education and K-12 customers, it is a robust (and ad-free) "business" version of the free consumer Google applications.

UD Google Apps accounts are provided to all UD students, faculty, and staff upon enrollment or employment.  Click here to read the Terms of Service for UD Google Apps >>

Available Google services using your UD Google Apps account
  • Gmail -- includes email storage and search tools 
  • Calendar -- for individuals, groups, rooms and resources 
  • Chat -- instant messaging and file transfer 
  • Contacts -- your personal contact list 
  • Drive -- online documents (word processing, spreadsheets, forms, presentations) and file storage
  • Groups -- distribution lists (for messaging and access control)
  • Sites -- limited access web site for group collaboration
Access your UD Google Apps account

You can access UDmail and UDcalendar on your Front Porch tab at http://porches.udayton.edu. Login with your University of Dayton username and password, then look for the UDmail and UDcalendar channels in the middle of the Front Porch tab.

If you forget your UD password, reset it at the Password Self-Service site.

UD Google Apps Support & Training

UDit provides support and training for our deployed Google Apps services to all students, faculty, and staff. Refer to the UD Google Apps information here on the UDit web site, or contact the UD Help Desk.

In addition, Google has a number of support and training materials available at their Google Apps Learning Center.

Notification of feature changes to UD Google Apps

UD Google Apps is 100% web-based, so features are added/removed based on Google’s release timeline. UD follows Google’s Scheduled Release track, which means changes to features are made on Tuesdays only, at least one week after the feature was released to the Rapid Release track (i.e., free consumer accounts). So you may notice a feature change in a personal Google account prior to seeing the feature change in your UD Google Apps account.  

Click here for information on upcoming releases
Click here to view the Scheduled Release calendar

Access to additional Google services or applications

In addition to the core Google services that UD has deployed, there are dozens of non-core services and hundreds of Marketplace Apps that ultimately can be accessed or associated with an existing Google account.   Users may request that we incorporate a Google non-core service or Marketplace App into our UD Google Apps environment.   

While we are advocates for innovation and collaboration, we don't want to deploy something that could inadvertently create other issues in terms of security, privacy, legal, or internal policies.  Each requested service or app will go through a brief evaluation process by campus IT staff as well as other faculty and staff as needed based on the service being evaluated (e.g., Legal Affairs, University Communications, etc.).  In addition to evaluating potential risks, we'll look at how well it integrates with existing systems, possible costs, and whether it conflicts with existing UD policies and values.  We will make every effort to evaluate requested services and apps within a four-week cycle.

If deployed in our UD Google Apps environment, it is important to note that non-core Google services would be covered under Google's umbrella consumer Terms of Service agreement.     Marketplace Apps will be covered by the terms associated with each specific application.


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