Media Arcade

The Media Arcade combines the technologies of multi-media equipment and the expertise of its staff to support teaching and learning.


Faculty/Staff & Student Services

  • Assist with student video projects
  • Emerging Technology exploration & inquiries
  • Videotaping & editing (academic only) - See videotaping in A to Z index for other resources.
  • VHS conversion and editing to DVD
  • DVD Duplication
  • Convert video into streaming files for use on web
  • Films online for
  • Digital video cameras & digital recorders loaned through library

Note: Fees may apply for materials (DVDs, tapes), editing, and streaming to web.

Examples of Our Work

Help Resources

Name & Title

John LeComte

Digital Media/Streaming Video


Email: John LeComte

Phone: 937-229-2676

Justin Swann

LTC IT Support Specialist


Email: Justin Swann

Phone: 937-229-1014

Contact Information

Media Arcade

Roesch Library 024 
Walk In Mon Fri 8:30 am - 4:30 pm