Portal FAQ

The portal FAQ page will help you find solutions to common questions associated with Banner, the UD Calendar, Email, and Porches.

Banner Self Service

What is "Banner Self-Service"?
Banner Self-Service is the name given to tools originating from our Banner Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.  These include resources for course registration, finance, human resources, and financial aid.

Who can request access to Banner Self-Service Tools?
Faculty, staff and student workers in selected positions

How do I request access to a Banner tool?
With your supervisor, complete and submit the Confidentiality Agreement Form (PDF)


What is UD Calendar?
Your UD Calendar in Porches is your Google Apps calendar provided by the university.  If you forward your UD Google Apps account to another email account this channel may be empty.

Is there a master campus calendar of events?
Yes.  A campus Calendar channel is located in the UD Daily tab.

How do I submit events I want to announce to campus?
Go to the Calendar channel, located within the UD Daily Tab.  Click on the View Full Calendar link then click on the Submit an Event link.  Follow the instructions for submitting an event.

What is the difference between the master campus calendar and the UD Calendar?
The master calendar contains events taking place on campus that are open to the campus community.  The UD Calendar is your events, meetings and to do list from your Google Apps account.


What is UD Mail?
Your UD Mail in Porches is your Google Apps mail account provided by the university.  If you forward your UD mail to another account this channel will be empty.


What is Porches?
Porches is the University of Dayton’s internal portal (or “intranet”). It is an evolving digital gathering place designed to provide tailored tools and communications that meet the personal, education and business needs of students, staff and faculty at the University of Dayton.

Who has access to Porches?
All registered students, faculty and staff have access to course information, class and job tools, calendars, news, email, and more…anytime, anywhere.

What is my Porches username and password?
Porches requires your UD username and password for authentication.

What is single-sign-on?

Single sign-on is the process of logging in once with a username and password to access multiple applications.  For example, by logging into Porches with your UD username and password (and 2-factor authentication, if prompted), you are also authenticated to applications such as Isidore, UD Mail, and UD Calendar.

Will Porches time me out if I'm not actively using the portal?
Your Porches session will expire after 2 hours of inactivity.

How can I update my emergency contact information in Porches?

  1. Go to the “My Account” page (under “My Sites” on the red bar at the top, right-hand corner of Porches)
  2. Select the “Emergency Contact” tab
  3. Click the “Make Updates” button
  4. Enter your current cell phone number and local address
  5. Click “Submit” to submit this information

Do faculty, staff and students all see the same information in Porches?
The Front Porch and UD Daily pages are the same for all users.   Some content is delivered through Porches based on a user’s “role” (e.g. student, faculty or staff). Currently students see the Flyer Student Services page with additional tools for their academic success at UD.

Can alumni use Porches?
Not currently. However recent graduates may have access to Porches for up to six months after graduation.  Alumni can access information at:


Can retirees use Porches?
Retirees with an active UD username/password have access to a limited set of pages and channels.

How is Porches organized?

Porches is owned by the UD community and technically managed by UDit. University Marketing and Communications oversees the content.

Is Porches secure? it does not appear to be using SSL (secure socket layer).

SSL is in effect, but runs in the background. It is invoked when needed, such as logging in to Porches, accessing your Banner information, and external sites. 2-factory authentication will further protect Porches starting March 2017.

What browsers are best for viewing Porches?
FireFox, Internet Explorer and Safari - if something does not work in one browser try another before seeking help.

What do I do if I get a “security certificate” message?
Click “yes” to continue.

How do I make comments or suggestions about Porches?
Please send an email to ITservicecenter@udayton.edu or fill out the Porches Enhancement Request.