UD-owned Mobile Devices

A number of University of Dayton employees have job responsibilities that require them to be away from their office (on or off campus) OR to be available after normal business hours.  In these instances, the employee's supervisor may request to use University funds to acquire a mobile communication device to provide the employee with mobile access to cellular phone and/or data services.

In addition, a number of faculty and staff are experimenting with tablets to support and enhance teaching, research, advising, and related communication and collaboration activities while away from their office.

A cell phone may be assigned to an employee who requires mobile access to voice/text services.  (Requires approval from the responsible budget authority.)

A smartphone may be assigned to an employee who requires mobile access to voice/text/data services.  (Requires approval from the responsible budget authority AND the Dean or VP of that unit)

tablet may be assigned to an employee who proposes an academic or business use that also demonstrates relevant need and institutional benefit.  (Requires approval from the responsible budget authority AND the Dean or VP of that unit)

Access your UD mobile device bill

Subscribers can view their UD cell phone bill online for a rolling 13 month period.  In general, bills display details for the previous month's usage.  (Actual billing periods vary slightly by carrier.)

Budget authorities (and their designees) can view bills for all devices being charged to specific UD general ledger accounts for up to 13 months.

Questions about online bill access can be directed to the UD Help Desk at helpdesk@udayton.edu or (937) 229-3888.

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Request/change mobile devices and services

To request, change, or terminate UD cellular services, download and complete the appropriate request form.  Email the completed form to the UD Help Desk at helpdesk@udayton.edu and carbon copy (cc) the appropriate budget authority (including Dean/VP for Smart Phone requests).

To request permission to purchase a mobile tablet, review the mobile tablet device purchases guide.  Submit your purchase request and supplemental information to the Purchasing Office (+1664). 

Mobile device management

The proliferation of inexpensive smartphones and tablets as well as the maturation of web services has led to increased demand for and use of mobile devices to access enterprise resources.  We are also starting to get requests to use mobile devices in support of regulated activities such as credit card payment solutions.

While mobile devices support security features, many subscribers embed passwords for email and other services and forego device passwords.  This practice is more convenient for the subscriber, but in the case of loss or theft, someone could access the information the owner has access to (including possibly sensitive data) with little trouble. 

The university's approved mobile device management software (AirWatch) MUST be installed on all UD-owned devices.  AirWatch provides an asset tracking mechanism while enforcing the following minimum standards:

  • idle timeout
  • device password
  • automatic device wipe after a specific number of failed login attempts
  • "jail break" monitoring
  • data encryption (if device/OS supports it)
  • remote wipe capability

Cost per user for the AirWatch system is approximately $1/month, and is included in the $5 monthly Admin Fee currently charged to all university-owned devices.
Monthly charges for customers with WiFi-only mobile devices will be billed against the customer's desk phone.

International Travel

Contact the UD Help Desk at least 7 days but no more than 30 days before you plan to travel with a UD-owned mobile device to make sure your voice and data features are configured appropriately for international use.