Data Storage, Back-Up & Recovery

Backup & Restoration


Time Machine - Learn how to set up Time Machine to perform backups, how to restore items (or your entire system) from a Time Machine backup, how to migrate existing Time Machine backups to a new Mac, and more.  

Carbon Copy Cloaner - Use CCC to make a bootable backup of your digital life today!  Similar to Time Machine, this offers a second option to ensure peace of mind should anything go wrong or if you need to transfer any data to another Mac.


Backup & Restore - Regular backups, automatic or manual, help ensure you do not lose your files.

Data Storage

Personal Data Storage - It is Free and Easy

You can protect yourself from losing data by storing files on your UD-supplied personal network drive - up to 100 MB. UD backs up your Novell personal network drive nightly, so you can rest assured that your document or presentation will be there in the morning.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your username and password.
  3. Drag and drop folders and files onto your personal drive.

Keep in mind that audio, images and pictures are large files. Your 100 MB Novell drive is not the place to house a lot of these.

More Ways to Save
  1. Use the Novell client to save & retrieve files from your Novell storage space. (UD owned computers & notebooks)
  2. Use an external hard drive, CD/DVD or flash drive.
  3. Use cloud storage such as Drop Box or Google Apps.

Note: The Novell client is available from for faculty and staff to install on personal machines.    

Recovery - in the Event of a Tragedy

Failed to back up or save a copy before something went wrong?  We may be able to recover data from a crashed or broken hard drive.

Have a backup or a recovery partition but not sure how to restore? - We are available to assist you.


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